Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pearl Birthstone

Hey Jammers! I know, I know there has been a lot of background changes....I just don't know what is the best! I need some feedback on you guys!! It would be awesome to hear what you guys want for the "Title Background" I think I should keep the real background because it is the Animal Jam Sky Blog so it goes along with the theme. Anyway, you can comment below on what I should put as my "Title Background" Thanks!

The new birthstone is for sale because it is finally June!! It is a Pearl Birthstone....
The Daily Explorer still hasn't posted any new articles! It is like they took a vacation :)
But they are still in Jamaa, look.....
They are kind of responding to all the controversy...they said the rares are marked RARE and are still very rare because the diamond shop is coming out with new items!!

Secret of the Week

Ok now time for the Secret of the Week, located at the Summer Carnival! Notice last year the Phantom Dart game was like this...
And half-way through the Carnival it came out! So that means the one above could be a new game! And I bet that it will be soon...What do you think the game will be? Will it be a shop? Will it be where the 4th of July Carnival Plushies will be for sale?!? What do you think? Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. The background is so cool!
    I like it alot!

  2. I also like the new background!! And the Jamaa Township!!


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