Monday, June 17, 2013

Rare Pink Sofa

Hi Jammers! Kind of a big post!Today is Monday, so that means Jamaa has a rare item only sold today! This item is another den item, and it is sold in the Jam Mart Furniture Store. It is a Rare Pink Sofa....
I personally was not that excited for this Rare Item.. It looks just like the original one that is still in stores!
The Daily Explorer posted three News Crew Article Winners! Here they are:

I thought they all supported jamtastic ideas :) Congrats Victory Braveclaw, Countess Icybelle, and Mythical Frozenwolf!!
This message popped up 3 times when I was playing yesterday....
They want to enforce that some jammers aren't what they seem. Could it deal with the kangaroo tester, happyseal5555??? Who Knows?

Glitch Corner

This glitch goes along with the Kangaroo Kraze! In the pop up window to show off your animals the kangaroo seems to be a little to tall! :)
Kangaroos have some glitchy features yet! But AJHQ will fix them soon!


I noticed something pawesome yesterday! When you go to the diamond shop and buy a raccoon for 3 diamonds, you can get more for only 400 gems! So that means you do not have to keep buying them for 3 diamonds! Here look at these pictures I bought a raccoon a couple days ago for 3 diamonds, and I wanted another one.....

So I clicked on the pet shop and I bought one for the regular pet price of 400 gems! I think that makes the diamond shop look a little bit better!!

Blog Updates: 

Here are your Animal Jam Sky Blog updates:
Have fun and happy jamming!!!


  1. For the message that says jammers that aren't from ajhq, is talking about phantoms!
    Probably wrong though...

    1. no, some jammers if they dont get there way they will post "My dad/mom works for AJHQ! I Can suspend you."

  2. Hey cool!
    I didn't know you could buy Raccoon pets at a cheaper price!
    Thanks for telling me!


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