Saturday, June 29, 2013

Freedom Astronaut Helmet

Hey Jammers! Guess what, if you haven't heard this already there is a new code out! The code is: DRAWING  To find out how to enter a code go to the bottom of the "Codes" tab. Guess what blog reported this code first...the Animal Jam Sky Blog! :)
Anyway, the new item is at the Freedom Party, and it is a freedom astronaut helmet.....
I like this idea, and it is cheap ^-^

The Daily Explorer posted an article on the cute hummingbirds..
I wish I had one, but yet I do not want to pay real money!

Rumor Reader

There has been a spiraling rumor around Jamaa! In the diamond shop, someone said "TURN ALL WHITE! GET 10 DIAMONDS!"  So I went just for fun. 

I kind of interviewed them and said like where did you hear this from? Who told you this? She said in a video. I found the video and it didn't show anyone get any diamonds! So this is in fact a Rumor!!

Blog News

I am keeping up this photo because I want everyone to see it so here it is again...
Click to Enlarge
  • A new poll will be posted today!
  • The "More Blog's" Tab moved to the Mini Blogs Column
Have fun and happy jamming! 


  1. You're blog is awesome! I have been reading it for weeks and you should check out my recent post about you :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love the your post today! You made my day!!! ^-^

      P.S. Your blog is pawesome!

  2. Hey! You changed the background and the top banner! It looks cool!

  3. how did you do that thing in the top that says: Welcome Jammers! ______ New code : Drawing... Etc. ??? Please tell me!!!!!!!!!

    1. I used a "HTML Gadget"..To find out more I would search "Blogger Scrolling Text Gadget" on asearch engine such as Google :)


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