Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crystal Cosmo Statue and 4,000 views

What's Up Jammers?! I was looking all over Jamaa for the new item and I found it in Epic Wonders!!! It is a Crystal Cosmo Statue.....

Also, when members log in they get their weekly diamond! So that means every Tuesday is when members get a diamond!!

Here is the schedule of the Jamaa week now: 
Sunday: new item
Monday: Rare Monday Item
Tuesday: Diamond Gift Day
Wednesday: new item
Thursday: Jamaa Journal
Friday: new item
Saturday: new item

Very busy week! Anyway, AJHQ posted three articles yesterday... One about the rare item Monday..
I hope everyone got It lasted!! The other article is about changing your name tag and animal name...
And the last one is about changing the color of your animal....
It seems like AJHQ is teaching the new Jammers how to play! That's nice!!
In Blog news... We have 4,000 views! Thank you!! Also I posted a new video about the diamond shop!! And a totally new fun Cartoon Contest!! Located on the Contests Tab...The poll ended yesterday.. And the results are.......you guys love the new expedition!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I added the schedule to one of my posts.. hope you don't mind. I did say where I got it from.
    Don't you think that the schedule excludes non members a little bit??

    1. I don't mind! And yes i definetly think it excludes nonmembers, but sometimes the Rare Monday's are nonmember!


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