Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pet Raccoons

Hey Jammers! Tons of great news!! The first I will post the new item, it is a stone chair....
Is it just me or are there a lot of new chairs coming out for sale?!? (Stone Chair, Snake Throne, Green Lawn Chair, etc.) Oh well, I am not complaining! Now the first page shows....Pet Raccoons!!
Now members can buy these cute pets in the Diamond Shop! Get them in the next 2 weeks because they are on sale!!
I just need one more diamond :) Hurry they are for three diamonds, and they are usually or six!
Here are the features, you can change their hair, color of face, and size of tail....

And Now for the BIG NEWS!! Pet Hamsters are now for ALL JAMMERS!!! 
Oh how exciting! Now members and nonmembers can get pet hamsters!!
Congrats Duke ArcticPaw for winning the Jam-A-Gram Contest!
If you are still confused about diamonds just click on the Diamond in the Jamaa Journal... 
Look it says they now come with membership cards! Pawesome!
And in other Big News... Adventures are coming!!
I love this photo above! The Phantoms are coming. The Alphas need your help. Adventures start this June...
Wait that means it has to be the next Jamaa Journal...YAY! I can't wait!
Pest Control is x2 gems for the next 2 weeks!! Located in Appondale and the Sol Arcade!!
Here is the June Calendar....

The Daily Explorer posted an artical about Club Memberships!
In Blog News....I posted new Awesome Jammer Art, and I put up a new poll on the right column! Now that was a lot of information...Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I love this post >>>

  2. awww pet raccoons need to be the june gift!


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