Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini Update

Hi jammers! Scooter here! Lots of new updates today. The new items are all beta and all in the Jam Mart Furniture Store. They are a..

 Small Painted Pot, Skinny Painted Pot, and a pottery wheel! A lot of people are wondering why is AJHQ doing this? Maybe it is to have no more scamming anymore. Who knows!?!
The Daily Explorer posted a new article about the Adventures...
You may have noticed the new page in the Jamaa Journal! It is about the newest clothing set around Jamaa. The Phoenix Armor!

There is also a new shop dedicated for the armor located in the Diamond Shop!
These new items are pretty cheap, but all together it is 7 diamonds! Almost what it costs for an animal!
There is another new shop within the Diamond Shop which is a music shop...
So far only a new Mystical Morning is for sale! I love that tune :)
I feel like I am the only one who noticed this, but that is fine! All three pets are on sale now in the Diamond Shop!

Bird Watch

 Did you see the not so little birds!?!? They grew feathers! Ahh, they are growing up so fast! :) Have fun and happy jamming!

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