Monday, June 3, 2013

Rare Elf Bracelets and Skullys

Hi Jammers! The Rare item is on the first page of the clothing shop, it is some rare elf bracelets!!
Do you Jammers remember when there was rare den items?!? It seems anymore they are all clothing shop items....
Anyway the Daily Explorer posted about the new June Pearl Birthstone...

They stress that you can still buy it even if your birthday isn't in June!! 

Now time for my favorite segment, it is Blast to the Past!! This one is about Deleted Items! How exciting!! 
This item was a beta item... It is a green tiara with a blue diamond! This item wasn't really deleted but only a couple of Jammers own this item is pretty rare!!
Shell Fins were introduced in the underwater version of Best Dressed, but they never came out for retail!! Weird!
And finally one of my favorite item to talk about....Skullys!!  This is the cheapest item ever sold in the clothing shop!! Only 10 gems!! You couldn't change the color of it... And it was the only Beta Tail item. Yes this was a tail item! It was stuck on the very end of the tail! And if an animal doesn't have a tail then it floated behind them!!! AJHQ decided to delete ever Skully!! So Nobody has this item anymore!! Some say they deleted it because it looked scary! And some say it was for all the glitches it caused!! What do you think? 

Also the poll ends today and I posted a Diamond Shop video on the Videos Tab!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Skullys sound AwEsOmE!
    I like ur blogger by the way!

  2. skullys were deleted because when pandas danced it looked.... bad....


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