Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Painted Pot

Hey Sky Jammers! A returning item came back in the Jam Mart Furniture store! It is a nonmember Red Painted Pot....
Also, note do not be tricked into trading with these two items! The value of the bottom is way more than the top! They do look similar...
The Daily Explorer posted three articles. One about Beta Testers and the other two about pets!! 

The Beta Test article basically said the point of "beta testing" is getting your feedback...
The two articles above explain about the kinds of pets and where to find them.

Adventure Updates

There have been some updates in the adventures lately, but they are beta! So they added a big Beta sign on the Return of the Phantoms stone...
Did you also notice that Binky was added to the Return of the Phantoms Adventure?!?
I wonder why!? All she does is want her parents back that are caged in the end.

Mystery of the Week

Today's mystery is in the Adventure Base Camp. Do you see all the broken bridges and cut ropes...

This means that there are more adventures to come! The Alphas will repair those bridges when they need more help!

Pill Bugs is x2 gems! Sorry this news is kind of late ^-^  But yesterday I was the only blog that posted about the three pets being on sale!!

Blog Updates:

Ok, so I am thinking about drawing pictures too for the Sky Art Mini Blog! But I have to know is this a good picture of Liza? Comment your thoughts below please:)

Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I really love ur picture of liza the panda! Why have u never drawn before on this blogspot! Good job!!!!!!!

  2. Liza looks totally awesome!!! But you didn't do a good job, YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^.^

  3. Oh thanks so much! I can't express how thoughtful that is! :)

  4. i think your picture of liza is very good. And i like your blog XD


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