Friday, June 7, 2013

Beanie and Pet Party

Hi everyone! Today's new item is at the clothing shop in the Summer Carnival... It is a beanie!!
It is for non-members too! Well non-members asked for more features and they got hamsters and a lot of new hats! :D 
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the pet raccoons.....

They are on sale for 3 diamonds but I think only a couple people have  pet raccoons! I don't, O need just one more diamond! But I will get it Tuesday!!! 

>>>Secret of the Week<<<
A long time ago a Jamma Journal came out saying an adventure is coming.. Now I thought the expedition was the adventure but it isn't! Yesterday, this came out...
Now a lot of Jammers see the phantom and say it is a war!! But it is not! If it is I will be super surprised!! The adventure might go along with the new land? What do you think? We see the Alphas are with us, there are phantoms, there are man-eating plants, and it looks like there is some sort of prize or treasure full of gems!! I am so excited for June 20th because that is when this is coming!! 

>>>Blog news<<<
I am having a party today! Here is the information: 
It will be a fun time!!
Anyway I posted new clearance items! To see them click the Clearance Item button on the right side!!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

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  1. OMG! This was a VERY fun party! ;)



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