Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fedora and Sky Art

Hi Sky Jammers! The new item is on the first page of the Clothing Shop! It is a new fedora.....
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the cute little hamsters available for all jammers..
I just wanted to help all of the new jammers who want hamsters, by placing the locations:
Mt. Shiveer

Coral Canyons
and of course the Appondale Pet Shop!
I saw this image below and laughed! They still call them gifts...
I got really excited when this wonderful box popped up on my screen.....
Notice it says you will be able to help the ALPHAS! I wonder if we will interact with them?

Rumor Reader

Now time for the Rumor Reader segment! I have never heard this one before, but I guess it is going around. Someone heard that if jammers hop on every diamond in the Diamond Shop. You will get a couple diamonds! That means every jammer should hop on one diamond and then it will start to crack like on the columns. It never happened when we tried it....

Personally I do think this is a rumor! But who knows Jamaa is full of secrets!!

Sky Art

Hi jammers recently the Animal Jam Sky Blog got a new artist! Coolpaw5! Here is the very first picture from coolpaw5...

If anyone else wants to be an Animal Jam Sky Artist click here! Have fun and happy jamming!!


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