Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scuba Tank and 6,000 views

Hi Jammers! Happy Father's Day! Today's new item is again underwater and sold in Bahari Bargains. It is a scuba tank.....
I am not sure why we need one of these, all underwater animals can breathe underwater for a long time!
Anyway, The Daily Explorer didn't post any articles. 

Kangaroo Kraze

The Kangaroo kraze is increasing! Yesterday, I met a kangaroo in my den! He was nice enough to do an interview. I also wanted him to do all the poses so we could see what they looked like....


Notice the glitch with his bow and arrow! I like the Tail armor though!! :) When they dance they do a moonwalk and then turn around an kick the air. It is pretty cool!


They hop very very high in the air! Well no duh because they are kangaroos! They should hop high!!


When they play they roll around and then hop up!


When they are sleeping they curl up in a ball again and then kind of balance on their tails.They also rock back and forth!


WOW 6,000 already! It was just 5 days ago that I got 5,000 views!! Everyone should know by now that when I get a new 6,000 views I give you something like wallpaper, party, contest, or something cool!! Here is a printable to make your Dad something just in time for Father's Day:
I thought this was a nice family picture ;)
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Enter the Phantom contest here!!!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing the moves of a kangaroo now I won't be searching for one in Jamaa anymore lol.


    1. Your Welcome! That is what I am here for :)

  2. Oh wow the post was really a fun to read!! Thanks for the share!


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