Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pet Ferris Wheel

Hey Jammers! The jamtastic new item is at the Summer Carnival! It is a pet Ferris wheel....
Only 2,500 tickets! I wonder if there will be new plushies this year?!?
Anyway, the Daily Explorer posted two articles. One is about how AJHQ can change your username if it is inappropriate!!
The other one is the Epic Den of the Week...
Congratulations, Jumping Frillywolf!! I know if my den was featured, I would be happy!!

>>>Mystery of the Week<<<
Ok this mystery is interesting! Notice there is a Waterfall in Coral Canyons...

And there is water in the Temple of Trivia....

But where is the source of this water?!? Where does it come from? In Coral Canyons there is a random hole which water come out of, on a mountain! There is also water sitting in Epic Wonders! Maybe Jamaa Flooded one day!! That would be a fun story!!
Also I wanted to show you an image that was on Snowyclaw's blog. So this is Snowyclaw's image! I hope she won't get mad if I talk about it!!

This image was released yesterday and it doesn't look like the trees in the Temple of Zios or Sarepia Forest! It sort of looks like the Paradise Party, but it looks more like a Jungle! Is this the new land!?!?? Cool it looks like it has mist/steam maybe from the waterfall in the new land!! Will the land come tomorrow in the Jamaa Journal?? Have fun and happy jamming!!

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