Thursday, June 13, 2013

Potted Coral and Recall

Hi jammers! I hope everyone is having a great time in Jamaa today! The new item is underwater, it is a cool potted coral....
It is sold in Sunken Treasures if you would like to purchase one!
The Daily Explorer posted a games article....

Also I have some weird news! Did AJHQ give us a broken item?!? On Monday this Rare HD Television came out for the Rare Item Monday, so I bought it and whenever I click on the screen nothing happens!

 On the original TVs their screens pop up and you can change the channels! These must be on recall because they do not work! Hmm.. Weird! Have fun and Happy jamming!!

Blog News:  A new poll will be posted today!  A Land Video was posted!  A contest will be posted today!


  1. I bet it has to deal with it being a R.I.M so maybe being rare is a trade off for changing channels, Do you get it????
    -Thats my opinion:)

  2. Mine does not work ether!! :((


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