Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beta Tea Pots and 5,000 views

Cartoon Contest Ends Today!!
Hi everyone! This is my first day of Summer!! Finally out of school :) Anyway, beta tea cups have returned!!
Wow! In a blink of an eye, beta items come back! There are also single tea cups that came with it in 2010 so I wonder if those will come back!?!? Today is Tuesday so when members log in they get their Weekly Diamond!!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare HD Television that was on sale only yesterday....
They also posted about your friend's accounts...

AJHQ is not allowed to give out other players information! That is basically what it says.

Glitch Corner

Ok the glitch corner! This glitch happens to be a lot and many other jammers! This sign pops up...
This sign is not a problem, but when it pops up every 30 seconds it is! If you have this problem just hit the refresh button and it usually goes away!

The Animal Jam Sky Blog has 5,000 views! Wow! I know I do this a lot, but thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you! This blog is meant for jammers! If people didn't read this blog there would be no point! In honor of 5,000 views I am giving you this download of a coloring page.... 
It is called the phantom fortress! I wonder if it is real!?! We might find out with these new adventures coming!
Also, the Poll is finished and it looks like I am doing a new video about a New Land! Cool! 
We have came to name the ladybug Nom Nom!

 Thanks everyone for naming the ladybug!Have fun and happy jamming!!

New Art posted in the Sky Art Mini Blog


  1. --Thanks for Coloring Page! :))

  2. Yay!!! It's name nom nom!!!

  3. NomNom! that little lady bug is always there in jamaa ever sience beta. they need lady bug pets -_-

  4. you are right they should have lady bug pets and i like thenme Nom Nom ! XD :)

  5. oops i wrote thenme it's supposed to be the name


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