Friday, June 14, 2013

Sombrero and Kangaroos?

Hi Jammers! There is some pretty interesting news today! First, the new item is a sombrero in the Summer Carnival...

They kind of look like the ones sold underwater!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Daily Spin...
I don't know about you guys, but I still haven't spun a diamond yet?!?!

Rumor Reader

Ok this is a BIG one! Are Kangaroos on the loose?!?! These images were leaked....

They are kangaroos! Are they going to be the newest animals? It is floating around the web and spreading rapidly! Are they coming with the new land? Are they for members only? When are they coming? Are they coming at all? How do I get one!?!? Sadly nobody knows any of these answers except AJHQ maybe they will announce something soon!?! I am excited!

Blog News

There is also a lot of new things to the Blog! Here are some Updates:
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I know where. but they are very rare and really hard to find. You can buy them on ebay for.......... 127.50 WOW that's A LOT

  2. I will be getting a kangaroo. I ordered the Kangaroo card from ebay for $41. I will soon be able to get it through the sellers email, that they will send me. Yes, I did pay for it by myself. I ordered it today so look out for me everyday. Happy Jamming everyone! ^_^


    YouTube Channel: AnimalJamDubstep

    1. Cool! :) I have never heard of your blog, but I love the first post! Good Luck in your blogging days!!

    2. Thanks! Even though I'm moving around in blogs and all.


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