Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jamaa Neon Sign

 Hey Jammers! Kind of a big post today...I have no idea why!?! Anyway the new item is a Jamaa Neon Sign! You can find one in the den item shop.....
I personally think this item is pawesome! It reminds me of the sign at the heatwave party!
The Daily Explorer posted a news crew assignment about diamonds....

Enteries are due by Wednseday, June 12th! So hurry!!
Also, have you noticed the eggs have hatched! There are cute little baby birds in the Epic Seasonal Tree!
I hosted a Pet Party yesterday in the Tigris Server at Crystal Sands! It was a big hit, and I think a lot of people had fun!

 It was a big turn out! We all traded, talked about pets, played on the beach, and swam!! It was a blast!
 Also here are the raccoon items that are available when You get a raccoon!

Tail Items

Body Items

Pet Party Items
Head Items

There are some never before seen items such as the beanie which is a new Carnival item, and a magnifying glass!
Also, I did some researching about gift cards last night because I wanted to know if diamonds were for sure available when you by the gift cards. I ended up finding this....
Click to Enlarge
It now says that there are 10 diamonds now available when you get cards and only 6,000 gems! I kind of like it like this! What do you guys think!?! Have fun and happy jamming!

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  1. I love the raccoon itemz!! :p


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