Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freedom Cat Hat

Hello jammers! Today's new returning item is a freedom cat hat....
If you would like this hat, you can buy it at the Jam Mart Clothing Store!
The Daily Explorer posted two articles. The first is about the amount of animals you can have....

The one above it about the Rare Army Hat that was on sale yesterday!

Bird Update

Here is your bird update! We have been closely watching this little nest, and now there is only one baby bird left! Will it fly away? Will it get lonely? Where are the two other babies? What do you think?

Glitch Corner

I have a glitch to look out for! The koalas seem to have lots of weird clothing glitches. This one involves a bow and arrows...

It looks like it is backward, with the arrows sticking out! And the Bow is around it's ear! It looks like it hurts a lot!  ^-^

Blog News

I have two things that were updated. 
  1. New Wallpaper: I got a new wallpaper on the Title Space! Do you like it? Comment thoughts below!
  2. Appondale was added to the Sky Blog Journey Book
Also, when you get a gift card membership, the reason you get 10 diamonds is to buy the snow leopard! I thought it came with a snow leopard and then you can still use the 10 diamonds for whatever you want! Oh well I am saving for a kangaroo. Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. If u do a comics tab, can I enter a comic???

    1. Well I was kind of thinking I would just do the comics... You can enter a comic on the Sky Art Mini Blog I guess. To become a Sky Blog Artist click the Become a Member button on the left column! Thanks!


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