Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beta Computer and 7,000 views

Hello Sky Jammers! Are most of you having fun on your adventures?? But first, the new item is in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, it is a beta computer...

The Daily Explorer posted two articles. One is about the Epic Den of the Week...
Congrats, Admiral Frozencloud! The other article is about the lands in Jamaa...

Soon there will be an addition to this list of places :)


If any jammers are still wondering what the prizes are, below it shows them all...
BETA Carrot Patch

BETA Flower Barrel

BETA Flower Bush

You can also get 500 gems as a prize too! Also, have you noticed the new name tags...
The one above is mine ^-^  The numbers show what level you are on currently. To move up on a level you have to gain more courage points. This can be done by defeating phantoms, and other activities. This morning I noticed someone on level 6...

Wow! It turned into a star! Twinkle must be an expert! If you want your nametag to turn into a star you must be on level 5 or above.
Also, some nonmembers are wondering what AJHQ meant by some members can go to some secret places. During the Return of the Phantoms adventure, Arctic Wolves are the only animals that can unlock the door to the cave...
If an Arctic Wolf clicks the image, then the door will open a cave, which there is a prize inside!! 

Glitch Corner

Today's glitch is about the adventures! Look what happened...
It looks like the phantoms are trying to pollute! Sorry phantoms, not this time!!


Wow! Already!?!? Just 3 days ago I had 6,000 views! This time I am giving all of you three graphics to download...

Hope you enjoy them! :)
Have fun and happy jamming!!

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  1. I luv ur blog!!!! It is really growing!!!!!!!

  2. Can you check out mine?

    1. I added your blog to the "More Blogs" Tab!!

  3. I love this blog! Even if it is a bit undiscovered, you have put so much work into it! It is awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! It makes me feel so good inside! Spread the word about the Animal Jam Sky Blog!!


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