Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freedom Bunny Hat

Hi Jammers! The Freedom Day Celebration must be on its way because the new item is a nonmember freedom bunny hat..
However, if I remember correctly, I think this item was sold in the Freedom Day Party!?! Is it coming?!?! If you want this item it is sold in the Jam Mart Clothing Store.
The Daily Explorer posted about the Adventures to come!! Exciting!!
Notice I underlined the last sentence! Click to enlarge, but it says that adventures can come at anytime so be ready. So who knows if they will even come with the Jamaa Journals!!
In other news, I got two cool AJHQ pop-ups.....
The first one says to go relax at Crystal Sands!
The second one says to go to Mt. Shiveer!

I like how AJHQ is giving out fun little ideas ^-^

Glitch Corner

Today's glitch I found going into someone's den store...
It is the famous black square glitch! Weird!


For 8,000 views I am having a Return of the Phantom's Party! Details below:

Blog News

  • New Art posted on the Sky Art Mini Blog
  • Congrats Paypayrod won the Phantom Poem Contest! Here is their poem:
Phantoms, Phantoms, they sure are pesky
Phantoms, Phantoms, they might be deadly
Phantoms, Phantoms, jammers think their scary
Phantoms, Phantoms, they sure aren't merry
Phantoms, Phantoms, you better watch out
Phantoms, Phantoms, they run throughout Jamma
Phantoms, Phantoms, they are watching us
Phantoms, Phantoms, those pesky phantoms are worth a fuss!

Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I luv the poem contest! I missed it though.....


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