Friday, June 28, 2013

Freedom Cat Plushies

Hey Jammers! Today's two new items are both at the Summer Carnival. They are Freedom Cat Plushies...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Freedom Party...

Speaking of the Freedom Party here is what happens when you click the fireworks...
Far Left Firework=Tiny Fireworks
Far Right Firework = Sparkler

Middle Firework = Big Fireworks

AJHQ has been pushing the jumping on the lake and bridge...
It asks what happens...but some people say that it means eagles will fly up and that's it. They also say that it never breaks, the purpose is the eagles.

Glitch Corner

This glitch happened to me at the Paradise Party. Nothing appeared at first, it was all just grass, and then when I started walking this happened....
The grass is on the water! Ahh! The bridge was also only halfway there! This glitch happens to me at the Adventure Base Camp too! ^-^ If this has ever happened to you send a picture of it to

Blog News

I am having a little contest for Jammer of the Month. Here are all the detail...
Click to Enlarge
  • New Code: DRAWING
  • Marco was added to the Alphas Tab
  • Animal Quiz added to the Contests Tab
  • Clans Tab is under construction!
Also, I made my den Red, White, and Blue for Freedom Day, so if you want some den ideas, go to my den!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Hi, I'm andrewj04 :) I've been looking at ur blog everyday but I'm so scared to comment, I would like to enter :D-

  2. 1.bison
    6.a shark?
    7.some kind of lizard i forgot the full name
    8.lion/snow leopard/kangaroo/arctic wolf


  3. My name is 67gumball, you know who I am!:) I would like to enter... you should choose me because I am a helpful and caring jammer.

  4. Um, hi! My name is coolpaw5, I have been looking at this blog everyday since I found out about it. I draw for this blog, and I also sometimes tell you new things that happens around aj. Well, you don't have to choose me. It's ur choice. :)

    Btw, what does the code mean? The code is drawing?

    1. The new code: DRAWING is a word you can enter when you log in to Animal Jam. To find out how to enter a code go to the bottom of the "Codes" Tab.

    2. oh cool! thx!


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