Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Freedom Panda Hat and 9,000 views

Hey Jammers! The new item is yet another Freedom Hat which is sold in the Jam Mart Clothing Store and at the Freedom Party! It is a freedom panda hat....

The Daily Explorer posted tons of articles, which are all about dens! By the way you can click to enlarge the photos....

And the Epic Den of the Week.. Congrats, Crunchy Coolpenguin!!

Mystery of the Week

I went to the Freedom Party yesterday, finally! And I notcied in the background that I could see crystal Sands...
And then I noticed that I saw castles in the distance on the other side...

The mystery is the castles! There are no castles in Jamaa! Could it be someone's den? Do the alphas meet there? Is that somewhere we have never been? Is that the Phantom Castle?
What do you think?!?!


In honor of the Freedom Day Celebration and 9,000 views I made a video of the Freedom Party for you all! Enjoy!

Blog News

  • The Contest Poll ends Today
  • The Tabs Poll ends Tomorrow!
  • New Art posted on the Sky Art Mini Blog
  • Greely was added to the Alphas Tab
Have fun and happy jamming!


  1. My personal interpretation on the castle thingy is that it is probably a den! The phantom castle in the R.O.T.P video was out in the middle of nowhere! !!!

    1. What in the Jamaa is R.O.T.P??????????

    2. R: return
      O: of
      T: the
      P: phantoms

  2. Ummmmmm..... the castle is the clothes store!


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