Friday, May 31, 2013

Moon Hat and Keep Playing AJ


The new item goes along with Wednesday's item..instead of a Sun Hat it is a Moon Hat!!

This is now for sale at the Summer Carnival Clothing Shop, and it is again nonmember! Congratulations!! 
The Daily Explorer didn't post an article but they did fix their glitch! Did you notice for two days the Daily Explorer looked like this...

Have you seen this in the Diamomd Shop that they just added today... another Suggestion Box!!

Keep Playing Animal Jam

Also there are a lot of Jammers leaving Jamaa forever! This is because they say that all the rares and beta items are coming back so if everyone has all beta items...what is the point of trading. I want to strongly encourage jammers  not to quit AJ!! This is because Beta Items are not coming back!!! The Diamond Shop doesn't sell Beta Items, they sell monthly membership gifts!!! And they hardly sell them because the Tail Armor does not come in all the colors that were offered before and the Rare Lion Plushies do not have a Rare Plaque like the others!! Plus, it is very
 hard to get diamonds, so jammers wont be buying a whole lot...So again do not get mad at AJHQ and of course do not quit Animal Jam, it is your second home!! Have fun and happy jamming!!

Also There is new Awesome Jammer Art posted on the Awesome Jammer Art Tab!!!

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