Friday, December 1, 2017


Hey Jammers!

If you are new to the Animal Jam Sky Blog, thanks for coming! The Animal Jam Sky Blog is a blog specifically designed for anyone who loves to play Animal Jam. On this blog, you will find facts, daily posts, guides, comics, mysteries, contests, videos, epic dens, and many more fun aspects relating to Animal Jam. I hope you will become a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog's rich history and family.

If you are returning member of the Animal Jam Sky Blog, thanks for coming back! Unfortunately, I am not returning to post daily; however, I will never rule out that I might come back one day. I love hearing from you Sky Jammers. I have been doing well since we last came in contact, and I hope you all are doing great as well. As for now, stay updated with updates on the right side column, and as always...

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The End

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog.
Today is Thursday, July 27th, 2017.

It is a very sad day today on the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

As you know, I announced last Sunday that I am leaving the Animal Jam Sky Blog. The whole week we have been celebrating "Scooter's Last Week" with featured posts. However, it is time for the final post. This is the final post.

Please take the time to read (probably the longest) post. I do not want everyone to be sad or upset, but happy because of all the memories and history we have created. I want it to be a happy goodbye.

Why Am I Quitting?

The #1 question pressing on every Sky Jammer's mind is "Why are you leaving?" Finally, you get to find out why I have decided to leave again.

If you know me, you know that I am busy! I always say how busy I am when I see everyone in Jamaa. The reason I was so busy is because I was working hard to make the Animal Jam Sky Blog the best it could be. Being busy really took a toll on me. I have no time for my actual real life. It feels like I am actually living a double life. Some people call me by my real name, and some people know me as Scooter. Being busy all the time started to make me unhappy.

I have always said that I am too old for Animal Jam. I can't play a kids game the rest of my life. I hope you understand. I know that you will one day when you decided to leave Jamaa. As I grow older, I am starting to lose interest in playing the game. One of the reasons I have stayed this long was because I love the art and graphics that AJHQ creates.

One of the most heartbreaking reasons why I have decided to leave is Youtube. Animal Jam Blogs used to be the primary source of Animal Jam fun and news outside of Animal Jam itself. When I came back in December of 2016, things had changed. The whole Animal Jam blogging community moved to Youtube. There are only a handful of popular blogs out there, which makes me sad. Please revive the blogging community and start your own blog! The Animal Jam blogging community is losing another great blog today.

The sad reality is that Animal Jam has changed. New Jamaa Journals, promotional codes, toys, masterpieces, Play Wild, Youtube, VidCon. So many new things have changed. I can't keep up with reporting all the news that is happening. It is not the Animal Jam that I once new. It used to be about learning about animals, plants, the world, making friends, and much more heart.

Will I Be Back?

The BIG question: "Will Scooter ever come back?" All I can say for now is... maybe. You never know, and I never want to say never. I am not going to say that I might come back to the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and I am not going to say that I will never come back to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. I may throw in and make a new post every once in awhile, like I did when I left the blog the first time. Who knows, maybe I will return in the future. Keep checking back right here to find out ^-^

Keep In Touch

I hope each and every one of you continue the Animal Jam Sky Blog's spirit when you journey through Jamaa, and even start your own blogs. Lots of you have asked how to keep in touch with me. Here are some ways to communicate with me:

Send me a Jam-A-Gram on Animal Jam. It is quick, easy, and you know that I will get it whenever I log into Animal Jam. For the next month, I plan on getting on Animal Jam a couple of times a week. I will try my best to respond!

This is probably the best way to get with me. You can tag, comment, or private message me on Instagram to send me a message.

Simply comment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog! I will see it. I plan on checking the blog off and on for the months to come.

This form of communication would probably take the longest to respond as I won't check my email every day. It could be a week before I respond, but this is a good way to send a long message with attachments, such as images, videos, or more.

Purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog

The purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog has always been to report Animal Jam news. After all, the Animal Jam Sky Blog's slogan is "The #1 Source of Animal Jam News". The purpose has been reporting the news to all of you so you know what happened, what's going on, and what is to come.

Real Purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog

You might not know that there has always been another secret real purpose of the Sky Blog. The real purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog was to create relationships. Not only did I make many friends throughout the course of the Animal Jam Sky Blog, but also you all have become friends with each other. The Animal Jam Sky Blog became a place where you can be you, around jammers who love you. I want you to know that God loves you. He wants to become a part of you. God has a great big plan for you, and may He guide you throughout your life.

Thank you

Over the past years, I have gotten a bunch of "Thank You"s from all of you. However, I wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" to all of you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for all of your help. Thank you for the memories....
Without you, there would be no Animal Jam Sky Blog. Above are just some of the many jammers a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog community. There are many, many more. Thanks for being a Sky  Jammer. It doesn't end here. You will always be a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Final Goodbye

We have hit the bottom of the post. It is time to say goodbye. I will miss you all so much. Thank you once again for everything you have all done. My life has been forever changed because of the Animal Jam Sky Blog. My only hope is that jammers in the years to come can look back at the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Experience the posts, witness the fun, explore the pages, and remember the name of Scooter. I am Scooter, signing off for the last time.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blu Day and Q&A

Hey Jammers!
Today is Wednesday, July 26th, 2017.

"Scooter's Last Week" continues today with Blu the Monkey Day and Q&A. Check out the rest of the schedule here...
Tomorrow is the Final Post, but lets not think about it. Instead, lets celebrate today!

Blu the Monkey Day

The Animal Jam Sky Blog has a very special friend, which cannot be found on many blogs. This special friend is Blu the Monkey. Blu the Monkey began as a short gift to all of you at the 60,000 views celebration. The first issue was released on November 10th, 2013, and the rest is history. Each week a new issue would be released. With two adventurous seasons, Blu the Monkey became a hit. It also had many milestones including Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION.Blu the Monkey became one of the greatest Plushie Comic Series of all time.

Looking back, what are your favorite issues? According to views, Issue #63 - "Season Finale" is the most viewed comic book issue, followed by Issue #60 - "Funhouse Fiesta", Issue #30 - "Blu Goes to the Summer Carnival", Issue #56 - "Gather the Group", and Issue #22 - "Frozen".

Personally, the issues that I enjoyed making the season finales the most (Issue #63, Issue #89, and Issue #90). If I had to choose some issues as my favorites, I would choose Issue #54 - "Beginning of the End", Issue #45 - "Origin of Blek", Issue #43 - "Mystery of Shadows", Issue #40 - "Wonders of Jamaa", and Issue #33 - "New Beginnings".

Many jammers have asked who my favorite character in Blu the Monkey is. Of course it is Blu the Monkey. However, I also love the characters Mint, Maple, Grubby, and even Mr. Blek. Who are your favorite characters?

The moment you all have been waiting for. The rest of Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION will be released today....

Above are all pictures from Issue #11 - Issue #29. It reintroduces new characters, new villains, and new adventures!

 Issue #11 through Issue #29 are now available to read...

You can read them by click the image above! I hope you enjoy the issues.

Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION may be over, but I have a Behind-the-Scenes look at what some characters would have looked like in future issues...

Zero, Plum, Mira, Cornelius, and more are shown above in all of their glory. I wish I had time to make the rest of the issues. I wish I had time to make a Blu the Monkey Season 3. Sadly, I do not have time for either.

Finally, Blu the Monkey has a final message for all of you...

Goodbye, Blu. Thanks for the memories.


You asked jammers, and now its happening! It is now time for a final questions and answer session. All of the questions below were asked by you. Thanks you for submitting questions!

How old are you?
Well, I knew this question would come up. It always does. Here's the thing.. I am not going to give you an exact age, but I will tell you that I am between the ages of 15-20.

What's one thing you enjoy doing in real life?
One thing that I enjoy doing in real life is drawing! As you know, one of our segments was called "Scooter's Sketches" that showed actual drawings from me. Recently, I started Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION, which is real life drawings of the adventure of Blu the Monkey.

What is your religion?
I am a Christian ^-^

What is your favorite color?
Blue. You didn't get that from BLU the Monkey XD

Are you doing any kind of summer camps right now or this summer?
Nope, not this year.

Do you like Pokemon? If so, who's your favorite character?
I used to play Pokemon when I was younger, for a little bit. I think my favorite character was Eevee, more specifically Jolteon.

Who was your biggest inspiration in Jamaa?
My biggest inspiration in Jamaa is definitely Snowyclaw. I loved reading her Animal Jam Spirit Blog. She was so caring to everyone, and was a great writer. She knew everything possible about Animal Jam.

What made you want to start an AJ blog?
With the previous question, I used to read the Animal Jam Spirit Blog. I thought that I could do what Snowyclaw did, but even better. I had new ideas that I wanted to try in a blog, and that is what made me want to start the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

What were your daily responsibilities when you posted? Like what did you have to do?
The Animal Jam Sky Blog isn't easy to keep up with. Every day, I would write the post for the next day. Of course, aspects such as the new item and new video, I had to wait for the next day. Each day I would log into Animal Jam, go to almost all the stores and theaters to find the new things, research information for the featured segment of the day, check the Daily Explorer, Play Wild, and the Animal Jam Instagram account, make blog graphics, reply to comments, check the statistics for the blog, and plan for things coming soon. I know, there were a LOT of daily responsibilities.

How long did it take to write and get a post online?
Each day, I would put in at least 1.5-2 hours into the blog. Now you all realize why I always said I was busy! In the morning, since I would have the posts pre-made from the previous day, I just had to add the new item and new video.

What program do you use to make all the graphics for this blog?
Before the first time I left the Animal Jam Sky Blog, I used to use the default Paint program on practically every computer. However, when I returned, I found a website called Canva, which I love and have never stopped using.

What would you recommend to advertise your blog to somebody who cannot use social media?
Social media is a great resource to advertise you blog; however, if you can't use social media, it can be harder to spread the word. As I said in yesterday's post, use Animal Jam to your advantage. Spread the word on Animal Jam. You can also comment on other blogs or tell people in real life if you want!

Why didn't you become an AJ Youtuber?
When I started blogging, there wasn't an Animal Jam Youtube community. It didn't even cross my mind to have a Youtube page. Most of Animal Jam was on blogs. These days, there are not many blogs left. They are going extinct, so be sure to read Animal Jam blogs!

What is your favorite party in AJ?
Ooh, this is a hard one. I love many parties, like the Haunted Forest Party, Play-As-Your-Pet Party, Cruise Ship Party, and the Trading Party. My all-time favorite party is probably the Beta Party. I really think the Beta Party was a great idea on AJHQ's part.

What is your least favorite land?
My least favorite land is Crystal Reef. Can you blame me? Sure, it looks pretty, but there isn't much to do there, it is very small, and no one is ever there except that giant whale.

What is your least favorite animal?
My least favorite animal is the Lynx on Animal Jam. I am sorry, but I think they look too bulky and big for their size. I felt when AJHQ released them, they really didn't try hard.

Are you going to delete the Sky Blog or will you keep it up?
I will NEVER delete the Animal Jam Sky Blog. It will hopefully be up forever to look back on.

Are you going to be hiring new authors so they can continue the AJSB?
Unfortunately, I will not. I have always been the author the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and I want to preserve its essence. If I have authors, I have a feeling they will forget to post or start to change things. Sorry!

What will happen to your Animal Jam account? Are you keeping your items?
Oh, the most asked question! What will you do with your items? I have decided to KEEP my items and account. I thought about doing a BIG giveaway, but I know some jammers would get upset for not getting something or not getting what they want.

Will you still play AJ?
Yes, I will check back on Animal Jam every once in awhile. Especially for updates. I NEED to see if these flamingos will be nonmember!

What will you be doing instead of playing Animal Jam? Do you have another game?
I do not have another game that I play. I love Animal Jam the most, and there is no other online virtual game better out there. Instead of playing Animal Jam, I will have more time to do other things, like drawing, going outside, and enjoying Summer in real life! :)

Are you leaving AJ or just stopping the Sky Blog?
As I mentioned above, I will try to get on Animal Jam every once in awhile. We will talk more about this on Thursday's long post.

Thank you for everyone who sent in questions, and sorry for not being able to answer them all! Come back tomorrow to read THE FINAL POST. Mark an end of a legacy. Find out why I am leaving. See if I will ever return. Say your goodbye.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tribute to the AJSB

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.

This week is "Scooter's Last Week", which is a quick celebration before I leave the Animal Jam Sky Blog and Animal Jam. Below is the schedule of the rest of the week...
Tomorrow, will be Blu the Monkey Day and Q&A, while Thursday will be the last post.
Today will be a Tribute to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!

The Beginning

The Animal Jam Sky Blog began on March 18th, 2013 after being in development for a few months. It all started with this short, sweet, and to the point first post...
If you can't tell, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had never used blogger; however, I knew many things about Animal Jam because I have been playing since 2011. Woah, six years goes by very fast!

Growing Views

The Animal Jam Sky Blog started out very slow. For months I had been trying to spread the word and outreach to the jammer community to view my blog. After awhile, jammers started catching on. Each month would bring in new followers, which meant more celebrations, views, parties, contests, and content. Each time we hit a milestone, such as 5,000 views, we would all celebrate. Below are all of the pageview celebrations:

1,000 Views - Jam Session Party
2,000 Views - Mystery of the Week, Party
3,000 Views - Greely Art
4,000 Views - Diamond Shop Video, Cartoon Contest
5,000 Views - Phantom Coloring Page, Sky Mascot
6,000 Views - Father's Day Coloring Page
7,000 Views - Icon Graphics
8,000 Views - Return of the Phantoms Party
9,000 Views - Freedom Party Video
10,000 Views - Octopus Graphics, Polls, Background, Liza Contest
15,000 Views - Scooter's Birthday Party, Skymail Episode
20,000 Views - Backgrounds, Graphics, Polls, Cosmo Plant Party
25,000 Views - Raccoons Only Party
30,000 Views - Tiger Graphics, Jammer of the Month, 15 Followers Contest
40,000 Views - Beta Tab, Den Designer Segment, AJ Birthday Party
50,000 Views - Slideshow of Uncommon Things, Graphics
60,000 Views - Blu the Monkey, Background, Graphics
70,000 Views - Journey of the Wolves 2 Sign-Ups
80,000 Views - Scooter's Jamaaliday Jam Party
90,000 Views - Exclusive look at Greely the Alpha
100,000 Views - New Segment, Graphics, 3rd Best Dressed Contest
150,000 Views - Party Planner Contest
200,000 Views - Bird's Only Party, Sky Scenes Episode
300,000 Views - Summer Carnival Party, Spread the Word Movement
900,000 Views - Blu the Monkey Returns
950,000 Views - Party Guide, Slogan Contest, Skymail
1,000,000 Views - Spring Fashion Show, Party

Pageviews started to soar, and more jammers became a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Innovative Ideas

The Animal Jam Sky Blog ventured into many new ideas. Many jammers don't realize that the Animal Jam Sky Blog was the first blog to have a Fashion Show contest. Did you know the Animal Jam Sky Blog hosted the first Fashion Show? Yes, I actually came up with the idea pretty early on. They were previously called "Best Dressed Contests"...
Above is the first advertisement for the first ever Animal Jam Blog Fashion Show. The sign ups were on September 9th, 2013. It began a huge start of many fashion shows to come, including the Pet Fashion Show we just had recently. I have also seen many blogs use this great idea and host fashion shows of their own!

Set Apart

As the Animal Jam Sky Blog grew, it began to set itself apart with new ideas. The Animal Jam Sky Blog created "segments", such as Item Spotlight, Blast to the Past, Discovery Day, This Week, and many more, within a "Sky Schedule". That meant featured posts each day with something new. Most blogs post about the new item and something interesting they found in Jamaa. However, the Animal Jam Sky Blog's posts had new items, new videos, something interesting, a segment or two, and even blog "Sky" news!

Not only were the posts different from many other blogs, but they were also everyday, which wasn't seen often. On top of posts, new content and pages were updated and added frequently. Each month offered a new Jammer and Pet of the Month, new background, and new header. Art from other jammers was added anytime a piece was sent in. Videos were made every once in awhile. You could even contact me anytime through social media, Animal Jam, or email. So many features made the Animal Jam Sky Blog shine, and most of the thanks goes to the readers!

The Legacy

The Animal Jam Sky Blog may be ending once again, but the legacy will live on in the jammer community. Many jammers have took the Sky Blog to heart and have been influenced to start their own blogs. I say GO FOR IT! Start an Animal Jam blog and help revive the Animal Jam blogging community. The Animal Jam Sky Blog will always be here to reference, reread, and look back at all of the many memories.

How to Start Your Blog

As an Animal Jam blog author, I get many emails and questions about how to start and grow your own blog. Many jammers get frustrated when they start their blog, nobody reads it, and then they give up and quit. I am here to tell you there is hope, and don't give up!

#1: Play Animal Jam

The first thing you should do is PLAY ANIMAL JAM. I played Animal Jam for 3 years before I began the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Get familiar with the game. Know the facts, know the items, know rarity, know famous jammers, know history and lore, know everything you can. After you gain the necessary knowledge, you will practically be an expert. This gives you a lot of credibility and shows the future readers that you know your stuff and they can trust you.

#2: Learn Blogging

Not only do you need to know Animal Jam like the back of your paw, but also learn how to blog. Read some blogs, and choose a blogging site to start your blog. Personally, I enjoy Blogger, but I know many jammers who use other blogging sites, such as WordPress. It is VERY simple to start blogging. Choose a template, write your first post, and then you are a blogger. Over time, you we be more comfortable with the layout and you will become an expert.

#3: Outreach

An important aspect to blogging is outreach. It is very important to spread the word about your blog. If you didn't, there is only a slim possibility that a jammer would stumble onto your blog. Use Animal Jam as a tool. Meet new jammers on Animal Jam, become friends, and tell them about your blog. Social media is also another great outlet to spreading the news about your site. Follow Animal Jam accounts and follow jammers. I have noticed that jammers primarily use Instagram the most. The whole time I have had a blog, I have never stopped spreading the word about it.

#4: Be Consistent

Probably the #1 thing I can tell you about how to become a successful Animal Jam Blogger is to: BE CONSISTENT. This means always be there for your readers. When they comment, respond. When they need help, help. When they email, email back. Just be there for them. This also means post on a consistent basis. No one wants to read a blog where they don't know when the author will post. Create a schedule or just post every day or every other day. Another idea is to create a personality for yourself. You could be the author or you could make up a character. You all know that I am not a Snow Leopard named Scooter with a blog. At least I hope you do O.O

Well, that was a shortened Tribute to the Animal Jam Sky Blog and how to start your own Animal Jam Blog. I could talk about many other aspects of the Sky Blog including outreach, Blu, and side blogs like the Sky Art and Sky Videos blog, but due to time and engagement we won't get to that. Don't for get to check back tomorrow in "Scooter's Last Week"!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Scooter's Favorites & Unused Ideas

Hello Sky Jammers!
Today is Monday, July 24th, 2017.

As many of you already know, I have decided to leave the Animal Jam Sky Blog and Animal Jam. With this in mind, I have chose to make this "Scooter's Last Week". We will have featured posts all week, while Thursday will have the Final Post...
Check out the full schedule above to see what is coming up next! The Final Post is where I will explain why I have chosen to leave Animal Jam. Notice that one thing has been added to the schedule on this Wednesday...

It is called "Q&A", and here is how it works. Today, you can comment any and as many questions as you want about anything! It could be questions about Animal Jam, the Animal Jam Sky Blog, or myself. I will then choose certain questions to answer, and they will be featured in Wednesday's post.

Today's post is all about my favorite things so you can learn more about me, and all of the unused ideas I had planned for the Animal Jam Sky Blog's future.

Scooter's Favorites

Many of you have known me for weeks, months, and even years as the author of the Animal Jam Sky Blog and your fellow jammer. However, you might not know me that well. Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite Land

My all-time favorite land is the Lost Temple of Zios. I love the lore and mystery that this big land holds. The Mystery Emporium, Temple of Trivia, Brady Barr's Laboratory, the Chamber of Knowledge, Falling Phantoms Game, Adventure gateway, and much more. These places and features just scream mystery!

Favorite AJ Holiday

My favorite holiday is the Night of the Phantom celebration. I love how Animal Jam is changed to nighttime, and jammers all over dress up in costumes. Candy, parties, adventures, games, pets, items, and more are released during this time of the year.

Favorite Shop

The best place to buy plants in Jamaa happens to be my favorite shop. Treetop Gardens is the perfect place to spruce up your den with plants. I love it because it brings items back to the purpose of Animal Jam, to learn more about plants and animals, plus every month you get a new flower!

Favorite Building

My favorite building is located in my favorite land. The Chamber of Knowledge contains so much intrigue and knowledge for jammers. I love seeing the artwork that AJHQ put into this big building at the heart of Jamaa.

Favorite Adventure

One of my favorite adventures is The Hive. Jammers travel into the caves full of darkness, mushrooms, phantoms, and crystals. We witness more phantoms in this adventure, and things such as Alpha Stones.

Favorite Feature

My absolute favorite feature on Animal Jam is the Jamaa Journal. The Jamaa Journal is the best part of Animal Jam because it gives the game new features. Every jammers is excited for an update. These Jamaa Journals have evolved over the years but shows a glimpse at Animal Jam's future.

You can learn more about me on the About Scooter page, including my favorite item, animal, alpha, pet, and much more!

Unused Ideas

One of my favorite things to do is plan ahead. Over the years, you have seen many "Coming Soon" signs and advertisements about coming contests, pages, fashion shows, parties, videos, and much more; however, here are some unused ideas that I was planning on doing in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's future.

The Sky Maze

One of the most exciting things that I was looking forward to was the Sky Maze. The Sky Maze was going to be a fun game page added to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. You would start on the introductory page, where you could find Graham giving you instructions. You would then click "Enter the Maze". From there you would have different clues and twists on deciding whether to click on the "Go Left" or "Go Right" signs on the pages. One page would lead to another page and so on. There would be tons of pages, and one way would lead to the exit of the maze where you would win!

Starter's Kit

Another page that I was planning on adding was a Starter's Kit. The Starter's Kit was an idea brought upon by another jammer who loved to blog. This page would teach you how to start and grow an Animal Jam Blog. It would also be an introductory page for new jammers and how to play Animal Jam.

Blu Character Profiles

On Blu the Monkey's blog, I was planning on redoing the whole blog. I was specifically thinking of doing separate character profile pages for almost all of the Blu the Monkey characters. I was also going to reinvent the Live Action page on Blu's blog.

Sky Jammers Page

A future page that was to be added was the Sky Jammers Page. This page would feature all of you! Each jammer who is considered a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog community would get their own Sky Jammer profile. It would have a picture of your main look, your favorite pet, land, birthday, and other simple information. It would have been a great way to get to know the jammers around you!

Social Media Contest

A new contest that was in development was the Social Media Contest. This would instruct jammers to post your love for the Animal Jam Sky Blog on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media outlets. The winner with the most likes/views would receive a prize. The Social Media Contest would outreach to get more jammers to enjoy the Sky Blog.

Game Guide

The Game Guide was going to be released actually later this week. It was a complete guide on how to play each game, where to buy each game, and fun facts about the games in Jamaa. I was excited to add another guide to the Sky Blog.

Redo Pages

A big project that I was working on was to redo a bunch of the old pages on the Animal Jam Sky Blog. One in particular was the Beta Page. I was going to completely redo the Beta page to feature jammers opinions, and to simply add more organization and information.

Scooter's Present Hunt

Every year during the Spring Festival, we host the Sky Egg Hunt. A while back during April, I had a poll asking what Sky Egg Hunt like event did you want to come soon. The most votes was Scooter's Present Hunt. I would hide presents each day on the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and you had to find them. Each present would hold a surprise.

Animal Jam Sky Commercial

Something funny that I was planning was an Animal Jam Sky Blog commercial. I was going to make a video advertising the Animal Jam Sky Blog and all of its features. It was just another way to spread the word about the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Journey of the Wolves 4: The Howl Legacy

Lastly, I was planning on making another Journey of the Wolves movie. As many of you know, Journey of the Wolves is a movie series made by the Animal Jam Sky Blog. The fourth installment would be Journey of the Wolves 4: The Howl Legacy. We would see some old faces, and some new faces. You can still watch the Journey of the Wolves on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog.

There you have it, jammers. Some of the ideas that I was planning on making in the future. There are many other ideas I could tell you about, including an AJ Apps page, re-release the Sol Arcade, and many moreNever say never. Who knows if you could see these things. One day I might return to Jamaa, but we will talk more about that on Thursday. Please, if you have an Animal Jam blog do NOT copy these ideas ^-^

Remember to comment those questions for the Q&A below. Thanks!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Big Announcement

Hi Jammers.
Today is Sunday, July 23rd, 2017.

You chose an important day to visit the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Many of you have heard about a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on July 23rd. It has been advertised around the Animal Jam Sky for weeks. Many of you have been trying to get out of me what it was about.Well, it is July 23rd, and it is unfortunately time to reveal the big announcement.

This is going to be unbelievably difficult for all of us; however, it must be done. It must.

I have decided to leave the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

You have heard it here first, everyone. Scooter is quitting. I am so sorry.

I know what you are thinking: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Some of you are probably thinking: "WHY?!"
And some of you are also thinking: "Seriously, Scooter is leaving the Animal Jam Sky Blog. AGAIN!"

Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be. It is sad for all of us, including me.

Maybe many of you have noticed that I haven't been as involved with the Sky Blog as I usually am, such as not updating pages as much and using special posts as fillers for daily posts. Yes, I am leaving the Animal Jam Sky Blog and Animal Jam. The Animal Jam Sky Blog will be shut down. It will still exist, but no new content will be added. I know a lot of you will be upset at hearing this news, while others might not care at all. A lot of you out there probably want to know why I have made this decision. Don't worry, you will all find out, just not yet.

In the midst of all this bad news, there is some good news! The good news is, before I leave, I have decided to make this week my last week of posting. It will be called "Scooter's Last Week"...
Check out the schedule above to find out what the posts will be about. Tomorrow, specifically will be about my favorites things and unused ideas of the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Tuesday, we will find out how the Animal Jam Sky Blog grew to become successful, and a few tips for your own blog.

Wednesday will be Blu the Monkey day! We will celebrate the Animal Jam Sky Blog's mascot, and I will release Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION Issues #11 - #29.

On Thursday, the Animal Jam Sky Blog will have its last post. This will where I will explain more in-depth why I have decided to quit Animal Jam and the Animal Jam Sky Blog after all of these years. It will also reveal if I am leaving temporarily or forever.

I love all of you very, very much.
Thank you for the support and love. I need it right now ^-^

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!