Thursday, July 24, 2014

Go Seek!

Hey Jammers! Update Day came early yesterday.
Yesterday, I missed a new item called the grill....
It makes a good edition to this summer series.
Original Color: Green
Today's New Item in the Treetop Gardens Shop is a Cactus Fence....
I really like this item, it will go with a Coral Canyons Den!
A Jammer Tip has been posted on the Daily Explorer...
Congrats, Pouncing Fieryspirit!
Below are the prizes of the In Too Deep Hard Mode...
Click here to see more about the Adventures in the Adventure Guide!

Sky News

Today's Event on Scooter's Birthday Celebration is.....
How the Game Works:
1. I hid 3 gifts somewhere on the blog.
2. Your job is to find them!
3. When you find them, click on them to receive a prize!
 (One of them will reveal tomorrow's surprise guest!)
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beta Party

Hi Jammers! Today there is a surprise update!
Pet Rhinos are available in the Diamond Shop, so get them quick...
They are so cute! ^-^


Above are some pictures of the party and below is the one den shop....
Pawesome, I cant wait to find out what else will come to this store!



OTTERS! Yay!! I can't wait!

Remember to put this cool book on your wish list!

I like them all, but I voted for the ice cream parlor, what did you vote?

I will post more about the update tomorrow!!
 Did you know there are new loading pages?
 I like them! What do you think?
They finally made a clear den button too....
Thank you so much AJHQ!

The New Items in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is a Candy Necklace and Ribbon Scarf....
They are both great items, good job!
The Daily Explorer posted about the Official Insider's Guide...
It looks very interesting, and remember if you buy this book, I would love it if you sent cool things your read in it!
In other news, some of my fellow jammers told me about a returning thing in Jamaa....
You can once again go up the Appondale Tree without an Eagle! Yay!!

Epic Sky Den

The Epic Sky Den of the Week is from.... chocolate4050, in other words myself! Surprise!
I call it Scooter's Surprise, and it has been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame!

Sky News

Yesterday's Giveaway was a big hit.....
Above are all the winners of the giveaway, congrats!

Today's event in Scooter's Birthday Week is Donation Day....
Thanks so much!

The New Issue of Blu the Monkey is here....
Click above to read this interesting dark history of Mr. Blek's Past!

58spots won yesterday's Discover Day!
Tomorrow is update Day!
Have Fun and Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Circular Chair + Giveaway

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog during the Scooter's Birthday Week Celebration!
The New Item located in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is a Circular Chair...
I don't know why, but I really like this chair! It looks like either something from the 70's or something from the future! It also looks very comfortable ^o^
The Aquarium has released a furry new video...
Say Hi to the penguins for me!

The Daily Explorer posted a R.I.M. Article....
It wasn't the best Rare Item Monday, and I heard a lot of Jammers were upset.
The Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide was released today....
You can buy this book online for tips, secrets, fun facts, and more!
I wonder if it will say anything about future animals, lands, etc. If you buy the book, it would be really nice if you could email me anything cool!

Discover Day

Comment Call: Comment the location of the image above for your chance to win a prize!

Blu Photo of the Week

Marco is the featured plushie in the Blu Photo of the Week...
"Happy Birthday!"
Marco: Sorry, I ate the cake, I am just so emotional!!"
Haha, it is okay Marco, I get the point.
This photo has been added to the Blu Photo Gallery!

Sky News

Today's Birthday Event is a Giveaway, sorry if the prizes are "lame"....
Good Luck, you will be randomly chosen for the prize, so nobody get mad if they don't win!
Have Fun and Happy Birthday!