Friday, August 8, 2014

The Final Post

Hey Jammers!
I know that Dreamgirl365's 1st Post was supposed today however, there has been something more pressing on my mind. 

For months now, I have been on the fence about the idea of quitting. Unfortunately, I have made this blog grow so much that is going to hurt to leave. However, my final decision is that I am leaving the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

1. Age. The technical age range for Animal Jam according to the Animal Jam Headquarters 12 years old is the top age that they gave players. I am way past that.

2. Busy. When you become older, you have tons of other priorities. The Animal Jam Sky Blog took up all of my time. I had to edit it all day. I had no time for sports, school, homework, family time, special events, birthdays, friends, and even time to watch my favorite TV show. It kind of took over my life.

3. Old. Unfortunately, I am not as excited for Animal Jam, then when I was 3 years ago. 

With those 3 important reasons, I have to leave the Blog.
Read more Information about me on this page:

Enough about the sad information, lets talk about the positive things:
-I will be on Animal Jam for 46 More Days, until my membership runs out.
-I will still be doing Blu the Monkey ever Sunday and Wednesday for 46 More Days.
-I will check back here ever so often.

Special Thanks:
I want to give a very special thanks to these jammers:
violet86271, wessie4chu, papyjam, missdarlingjammer, AwesomeSauce, 3berrygirl, Hiphopbunny12345, CMO1st, rainbow000pegasus, Cottoncandygal11257, Snowypaw, Dreamgirl365, Shiverbreeze, Pengy01, Snowyclaw, MisterChunkyBuddy, Bravepaw,  Rainbowcat1, bunnyllover, pinky522, Valia2305, goldcobra, paige16663, tig47498, Girlslovekittens, thunderhowl,  Kitkat8529, christmas0910, Xavier883, Epicjoy, coolpapa70232, DaringClaws and many more!
P.S. I have a "special project" that will be here later today! Keep your eyes out for a new header background!

You guys have stuck with me, and supported me through the good times, like all the fun parties and fashion shows. Even the bad times, like when the Diamond Shop came (^o^). Even the crazy times like when Adventures came or the time we recorded for the Sky Scenes TV Show. These memories, and many more, will forever be in my heart. (My eyes are starting to water.) 
This day will go down in history as the day that Scooter Resigned. I want the Animal Jam Sky Blog to go down in history, for one of the best blogs of Animal Jam because it was one of the Best Blogs of Animal Jam! I hope God finds a great plan for your life, and remember that he is always with you. Just like Zios in Animal Jam ^-^ The Animal Jam Sky Blog was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so much fun teaching you and learning with you about Animal Jam.
Signing off for the last time. I know my second home will always be in Jamaa. 
Goodbye friends and always remember to...
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tavie Tides

Hey Jammers! Today is Update Day!
A New Adventure is here! It reminds me of the Lost City of Atlantis! Here are some photos of the adventure....
It was really fun! I will post this adventure on Saturday for the Adventure Guide!
Unfortunately, Otters did not come today. They are coming in 2 weeks though! Also, since there is a new video, it almost looks like that they could be in the Diamond Shop. Hopefully not!!
Yay, that is the one I voted for!
I love these items, and they are almost ALL nonmember!

I bet it is great, I heard there are a lot of games.

Yes, that is right all pets are 50% off! Even the Diamond Shop Pets!
There are also now Den Previews so you can visit the den before you buy it! Thanks AJHQ!
The Jammer Central Calendar has been updated.... 
I can't wait for OTTERS!
 The New Item in the Diamond Shop is a Monkey Claw Machine....
Monkeys are so playful!

Sky News

The Jammer Art has been posted to the Sky Art Mini Blog!

Dreamgirl365's 1st Post is tomorrow! Welcome her, she will do great!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiki Dictionary

Hi Jammers!
Thanks Shiverbreeze, for doing her 1st post yesterday!
The New Item in the Jam Mart Furniture is a Tiki Lawn Chair...
 Wow, AJHQ really likes this Tiki series, before summer is over!
The New Video of the Day is in the Sarepia Theater...
They are so cute ^-^
The Daily Explorer posted about an Aquarium Video...
Have you ever seen or used a robot?
In other late-ish news, here are the accessories for pet rhinos...
I love all of them, I personally chose the shark outfit for my pet rhino!

Epic Sky Den

The Epic Sky Den of the Week is from Hawk13 for their idea of a Wolf Phantom King! 
Congrats, you have been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame!

Sky News

The Advertisement is released today....
It is the Animal Jam Sky Dictionary! For tons of terms, definitions, and some pictures too! Click above or find the Magnifying Glass on the right column to enjoy!

An Author Page has been added to the left column of the blog...
Click it to read about the new authors!

The New Blu Issue is here...
Click above to read about this mystery chase!

New Scrolling Text across the Top of the Blog!
Update Day is tomorrow!!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

P.S. To the "Anonymous" Rude Commenter yesterday: If you think that this blog "stinks" and I am "stupid", then why do you still look at this blog? Just leave us alone. I know you are not welcome to this blog anymore! If you keep commenting bad stuff, then I will keep deleting them, so it is useless. I can ban you from this site. I am temporarily taking off Anonymous comments. Our attitudes will not be shaken, we will stay positive ^-^ I forgive you, because I do not know your full situation. You could have problems with school or at home. I hope God finds a good plan for you.