Saturday, April 19, 2014

Woven Shoes

Jamaa News________________

Hi Sky Jammers!
The New Item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is Woven Shoes....
I like these because they look more Jamaasian and less Human. They will keep your feet warm for every jammer!
Original Color: Green
The Brady Theater has released a new video.....
Nice little Easter-related video!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about whales....
Snowflake Daringwolf asks Tierney ‘how much can whales weigh?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A. Have you ever wondered how whales sleep? Since whales breathe air like we do, they need to come to the surface even when they’re sleeping. Whales ‘sleep’ with only half of their brain at a time. One half stays awake to keep the whale breathing and aware of any danger, while the other half rests. Some whales can live to be 200 years old or more! There may be whales alive that are even older. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to tell how old a whale is while it is still alive. And usually when they die they sink to the ocean floor where it is very difficult for us to study. But there may be whales in the ocean that were alive before electricity was invented. Whoa!
Did you know that nonmember can't get gifts.....
In my opinion, it is not big news. I mean it is not like they could accept them before. They couldn't get gifts before, and they still can't. Good side: You won't lose gifts by accidentally sending to nonmembers. Bad side: If you are going to become a member you can't send stuff to another account. In the end, I wish AJHQ could make it so nonmember can get nonmember gifts, but nonmembers do have a lot of privileges.

Glitch Corner________________

The Glitch Corner for this week was sent to us by meowcats1228, thanks!!
On the Return of the Phantoms adventure, the picture shown above, the Phantom Goo is still running into clean water. Weird O.o
The picture below is from The Phantom Portal...
The same situation, except this time notice that the navigation bar says "Adventure Base Camp." Thanks for sending in those glitches!

Sky News________________

Hard Mode of Search for Greely is now on the Adventure Guide!
Sorry about that prize yesterday for the Orange Egg, it was a mistake, it should have been a new prize. Don't get sad though, because we still have today and tomorrow!
Today's Egg to find is.....
The Blue Egg!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite memory of celebrating Easter?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Swing with Greely

Jamaa News________________

Welcome Jammers! The New item in the Epic Wonders Shop is Nesting Greely Dolls....
Finally, my collection is complete! To see all of them go to chocolate4050 (my) den!
Yesterday's New Item was in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, it was a Porch Swing....
This is a different version of the Beta Porch Swing! Cool I love it!
Original Color: Brown
The Sarepia Theater has released a new video....
 Speaking of videos, did you see the new big Pause Button?
Jammers definitely need this button :)
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Giraffes.....
Giraffes are back in Jamaa!! They’ve traveled far and wide and have lots of tales to tell. There’s only one species of giraffe, and they are only native to Africa. They have different spots depending on which part of the country they live. They are the reticulated, Nubian, Uganda or Baringo, Masai, Angolan, and the southern. All giraffes have two furry little horns called ossicones. Giraffes drink little water and only eat acacia leaves. They get most of the water they need to survive from the leaves. They’ve adapted this way because when they are drinking they are extremely vulnerable as this is the only time predators can stage an attack. But they’re generally not worth the effort as they have very keen eyesight, can kill with a kick, and their skin is extremely tough to chew making them more work then their worth.

Did you know that the "Beta" Gloves have turned into Rares....
Sent in by m0nkeygirl6
I know a lot of you are upset, but look on the bright side. They are still rare. It is not like they returned to stores, besides Animal Jam is about fun, friends, and animals, not rares.

Did you also know that the Buddy Request JamAGrams have changed their looks....
 I like this one better /)^o^/)

Fashion Friday________________

Drum: 400 gems (Jam Session Party)
Rare Leg Armor: Trade System
Raccoon Tail: Trade System
Deer Antlers: 550 gems
Deer Fur: 450 gems
Total: 1,400 gems

Sky News________________

Today's Sky Egg Hunt Egg is the.......
Orange Egg!
The Jamaa Journal Archive is updated
Clearance Tab updated
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite Nesting Doll and Why?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giraffes are Back!

Jamaa News________________

Hey Jammers! The Update is here and with it, it has brought back Giraffes....
Yay! The Giraffes have came traveling back. Unfortunately not with anything, which is okay!
Here is some big news.....
Lets see it looks like a Hyena skin for the first one! Maybe they are dogs, since they look like dog prints. 
Also, AJHQ wants to say thanks for keeping Jamaa safe. Your Welcome! 
 The Hard Mode for the Search for Greely is here.....
That is the prize and by far the best armor set in my opinion!!
 Here are just some of the armor pieces...
Pretty Pawesome!
Earth Day is right around the corner...
I have a two big surprises coming soon to the blog for Earth Day!
 In the Medical Center there is a new display for giraffes while you wait for the doctor.....
Also, there is a new button if you noticed...
Finally a Repost Chat Button! Just hit the button..
Click on something you have said and want to say again. That is useful!
 There is one more Jam-A-Gram added to the back....
 Fun little buddy playing in the mud ^.^
The Jammer Central has posted a new calendar....
Eat em' up is x2 gems this week.
Another thing, I couldn't find any new item in any store. I probably just don't see it, but sorry I can't find it XD

Sky News________________

The Sky Egg Hunt is paused for today because of the update, but it will start back up tomorrow!
Jammer Art posted on the Art Mini Blog
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What do you think of the update? (New Animals, Armor, etc.)