Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sky Blog Returns

Good News, Jammers!
Based on recent events and inputs, I have decided to continue the Animal Jam Sky Blog!

The Animal Jam Sky Blog Returns!

In order to make a smooth transition, the Animal Jam Sky Blog will be Under Construction. During this time, you may notice major changes, pages being edited, and some features missing. I have provided a Construction Timeline that gives information about changes coming to the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and when they will be completed. There will be BIG changes around here, while keeping the heart that was the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Remember to spread the news to your buddies that the Animal Jam Sky Blog is returning for a test run. If the test run goes well, then I will be back officially. 
I can't wait to return, and show you all of the new things in store!
Until, December 17th, 2016...

Have fun and happy jamming!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Return of the Scooter?

Hey Jammers!

          Scooter here, back for another update post. ^-^ So much has happened since I left Animal Jam, and so many of you have emailed me and sent me Jam-a-grams updating me about these changes. Wow, toucans, lemurs, sloths, and PIGS FOR NONMEMBERS!!
Yippee, IM A PIGGY!
        If you have been following my predictions for Animal Jam, then you may have seen I was correct! They finally made another nonmember animal, FINALLY! If you want to see more predictions click here or if you want to read more about switching animals to nonmember click here. Anyway, the new dens are also a great edition to Jamaa, including Sir Gilbert's Palace and Peck's Den. 
Lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
Check out some of my most popular posts:

       The other day I was at the store and saw an Animal Jam toy! I didn't realize that they made toys now, that is what inspired me to create this post. Plus, shoutout to violet86271 who also influenced me to make another post. So, if you want to buy toys they look like this:

        A great edition to your long Christmas List this year if you want them to play with or just as a cool collectable. One last thing, I didn't want to tell you this, but I was think about coming back. I KNOW I KNOW PLEASE COME BACK. I don't want to get your hopes up because more than likely I will not be returning. The only reason I am thinking about coming back is because:
  1. It is very fun!
  2. I love posting for you guys!
  3. I could possibly make money doing it!
Again, don't get your hopes jammers, I will research more within the next month and decide. However, if I do decide to come back, there might be a slight inconsistency in posting, such as posting later than usual. Also, if I come back it may just be a test run to see if I will stick with it. You may comment what you think because I need your help with making this decision.

*I will announce my decision VERY SOON!*

        Tell your friends about the Animal Jam Sky Blog! That is about all I have for you, as Jamaalidays are coming nearer!

Have fun and happy jamming!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Memory Lane

Hi Jammers! Scooter is back for this one time post! ^-^

How has everyone been?! I have't visited Jamaa in a long time, and when I recently logged into my account, a lot of things have changed.

Animal is almost getting... well how do I put this... kiddish? Like, I know it is a kids game, but everything seems more kiddish.

For instance, instead of the old days where you had to run and explore Jamaa to find a game, now you just click the game button at the top and start playing. 

I liked the olden days of Jamaa, when the Alphas were cool, mysterious beings, and not, umm, this..
I liked when more people had to make creative dens with stores, and fashion shows.
I like when the animals were normal sizes *cough* Lynx *cough*
I liked when there were new lands always coming soon.
I liked when the new animals were cool, unlike the llamas. Seriously, we have llamas before zebras..
I liked when you had just enough inventory spots for your great items, now with adventures there are so many items out there that there aren't enough spots.
I liked when nonmember and members were treated the same, and the Diamond shop wasn't the source of every new item in the Jamaa Journals.
I liked the old Animal Jam.

Anyway, that was kind of a rant, but can you relate to my points?

It has been over a year now that I have left this blog. This blog was great, it literally made me laugh, cry, and all the in-between. 
I know that we all miss our friend Blu the Monkey...
But he is doing just fine. You can visit my crowded den to see some of his pals.
I miss the Animal Jam Sky Blog too, but unfortunately I am still not coming back.
It was fun while it lasted.
Remember the Jammer and Pet of the Month?
Remember the Night of the Phantom Fashion Shows?
Remember the Journey of the Wolves movies?
Remember the Easter Egg Blog hunts?
Remember how each month I would make a new wallpaper for the blog?
Remember the giveaways?
Remember the Blu the Monkey posts?
Remember the Jamaa Journal countdowns?
Remember the Contests?
Remember this week in Jamaa's History?
Remember the fun?
Ya... me too ^-^

Below are some of my favorite posts:

To see my Final Post article click the link.

Don't worry, you can keep the fun going by exploring the Animal Jam Sky Blog! Look at the Beta page, the Sky dictionary, read some Blu the Monkey comics, see the Jammer of the Month hall of fame, and much more! Enjoy and goodbye jammers! 

Have fun and happy jamming!