Friday, May 3, 2013

Musketeer Hat

Today's totally new item is a Musketeer Hat! Join with three friends and explore jamaa as the Three Musketeers! HaHa!!!

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Summer Carnival  coming! With some carnival plushies, raccoon tails, kites, cotton candy, and new items!

AJHQ says that they are hop jammers are excited, well I know I am!! And when I got on my nonmember account (chocolate4040) I saw this animated version of the Spirit Glove which I thought was kind of cool....

Rumor Reader

And now for this weeks segment of Rumor Reader! Jammers love the new instruments at the Jam Session Party, but I heard that Koalas are very good at playing the guitar! So I put it to the test, and it turns out they can! When you put a guitar on your koala and then click the dance it looks like it is playing the guitar XD Check it out.....

That's me and my reindeer Fireberry and we are playing guitar in the Hot Cocoa Hut! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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