Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sun Hat and New Code

Hey Jammers, it is me ScooterJammer! The new item is NONMEMBER!! It is located at the clothing shop in the Summer is a Sunny Sun Hat!!

I am pretty sure members can change the colors, and if you meet a really nice member jammer you can trade them colors, nonmembers! 
The Daily Explorer posted two articles. One is about the....
Congrats to Miss SunnyWolf!! The other article is about breaking the bridge and pond...
It basically says that three Jammers can make a crack, but nobody has broke it yet. AJHQ says to keep trying because you could be a very lucky jammer if you break it!!
And there is finally a new code! I think AJHQ forgot about codes for awhile :/ anyway the code is for 1,000 gems....

The code is NGEXPLORER! If you are confused about how to use a code, it is OK! Just visit the bottom of the Codes Tab, and it will tell you everything you need to know! Thanks AJHQ!! 
Remember that today is the last day to submit your Jamagram for the Summer Jamagram Contest!! And also keep in mind that a new Contest was posted on the Contest Tab! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. hey scooter!
    i like how you made this part with the posts on it blue! it makes is so much easier to see!

    1. I thought it was hard to see too! But I didn't want to change the background so I made the post background blue! Thanks!


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