Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Carnival

Hi Jammers! We have some huge news this morning!! The Summer Carnival is BACK!!! YES! So head on over to Jamaa and click the party tab then the Summer Carnival Button or you can click one of the Summer Carnival Signs!!

And as a gift you get 500 tickets free!!!

Also, I don't know if you can see this but on the very right booth above you can change gems into tickets! Which is a pawesome feature!

Craft Table

Cotton Candy Booth

Here are the Mania List of New Items! Full of Plushies, Clothing and totally new pet tents and ice cream carts!!!

The second page talks about the tickets to buy stuff for all the new jammers! And we already know but the monthly membership May gift is a spirit glove!

Just a reminder to get giraffes, rhinos, and elephants because they soon will be gone!!

And I have been waiting for this den forever now and perfect timing because now you can have up to 200 items in your den!!!

I love this Summer den! Go and buy it and have fun on the water slides!!

There will be musical instruments like the keyboard comming soon to the Jam Session Party! And go to Jammer Central to see if you are a winner of the Photo Booth Contest!!

Here is the calendar for May and it says that Long Shot is X2 Gems!

Find Long Shot in Coral Canyons or find it in the Sol Arcade!!
 The Daily Explorer posted two articles and Awesome Jammer Art which I will soon have under the Awesome Jammer Art tab....

Rare Item Giveaway

The Rare item giveaway is a pumpkin from Halloween which would make a great garden decoration.....

If you would like it send Me (chocolate4050) a Jamagram!! WOW! So much information and so much time! So head over to Jamaa and have fun!! Oh, and the results of of the two polls are:
Jungle Rivers for the name of the land the Koalas are finding and Friends are the best part of the Jam Session!Have fun and happy jamming!!!

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