Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spirit Glove and Strawberries

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is a strawberry patch perfect for a healthy garden!

Noticed I made a new icon on the left column, and yes now you can become a member of the Animal Jam Sky Blog!! To find out what it takes go here:

I just wanted to tell you that the May Monthly Membership Gift is a Spirit Glove! These make a pawesome addition to the spirit armor family!!

Sorry for the blurry picture :o I took it early this morning before I even got one!!!

And finally the Jammer of the Month! I have the April one still up because I want anyone who wants to be the Jammer of the Month in May to comment below and tell why they should deserve this award! And I will decide tomorrow!!! Have fun and happy jamming!!!


  1. I am wow104 and I want to be one because I have helped a lot with this blog:)

  2. I am coolpaw5 and I think I deserve the award because I helped you with pictures, art and new things and jama! But you should decide who!

  3. is spirit glove beta? i have 1 :D also is freedom helm undertrade for spirit glove?

    1. They are not beta, but they are Rare because you can not buy them anymore. Also, Freedom Helmets are available in adventures.


  4. I'm arcticwolf27797. I recently got scammed by me BFF. It'll be great if u sent me some unwanted items

    Sincerely, arcticwolf27797

    1. Sure i'll send u stuff.

      From: you'll find out when i send u stuff


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