Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jam Session Saxophone and Water Park Party

The Jam Session is the best place to make music! Now you can bring a jammer saxophone wherever you go, they are new today....
The Daily Explorer posted two new article.. The first is all about the Carnival Tickets!

 The second is about the rare Camouflage boots that were on sale only for yesterday!!

In the Rumor Reader this week it is confirmed that the Freedom Carnival Plushies are coming back!! There happens to be a Jamaa Journal on July 4th this year! So they will come out on July 4th or a little before that. Remember them....
Do you like these or the regular ones better???

In other news, in honor of the 2,000 views I am having a PARTY!! It is a water Park Party all the information is below.....
Oh and this is the last day to vote on the polls on the left and right columns!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Hey!
    how do you get that thing that scrolls across the top of the screen on your blog? I would like to add it to my blog

    1. Check out this URL:


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