Monday, May 27, 2013

Rare Angel Wings and 3,000 Views

Sorry for the late post today jammers!! I know you all have been patient this Memorial Weekend, but now things are back to normal! I just got back from my vacation and I am ready for Jamaa!!
Today's new Rare Monday Item is Rare Angel Wings...
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item Monday too...

Rare Item Monday's

A lot of you have been wondering... how can I afford the Rare Item Monday's!?!?!? Well I have some advice for all of you jammers! Ok so on the Tuesday after the Rare Item Monday go play a game for maybe 10-15 minutes top...just for a little bit. Now do that for everyday so you will slowly gain more gems. Also, a lot of gems can come from the Daily Gem Bonus! When Monday rolls around you will have more than enough gems to buy the Rare Item Monday. If anyone still needs help or has a question just comment below!

In other news... I found this picture of Greely without his monocle that cerberus253 posted...

Great job, cerberus253!! I don't know if you drew this but I love this image!! 
The Poll is over after today, so hurry and vote! And Congrats to all of you Sky Jammers for 3,000 pageviews! I want to cry tears of joy!! :') Have fun in Jamaa jammers and happy jamming!!!


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