Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelp Skirt and Zios Skyway

Hey jammers!! Today's new item is an underwater kelp skirt for members...
I do wish the non members had more new items!!! Anyway, the Daily Explorer posted an article posted two articles. One about chatting...
And the other about the...
Congrats Handsome Snowyleopard!! In The Animal Jam Sky Blog's news we had a contest winner yesterday!!! Congrats to Eilxir (Bravepaw) who won the Map Quiz and got a prize!! To learn more go to the "Contests" Tab above!!!

Glitch Corner

Now time for all the glitch is Glitch Corner!! This glitch teaches you how to do the skyway(walk in the sky) at the Temple of Zios!! It is one of the coolest because there is a giant elephant on top of the Temple Trivia Building. So here is how to do it....
First stand here..

Then click Brady Barr's newly remodeled lab....

Next, hurry and click the Mystery Emporium window!!!
Finally you should be able to walk around in the sky, when you get up there go see the elephant!!! See this is what I like, trying new adventures! AJHQ should not take some glitches away! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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