Monday, May 13, 2013

Rare Camouflage Boots and 2,000 Views

The Rare item Giveaway was a great success!! 
Today's Rare item is on the very first page of the clothing's rare camo boots!!!

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the new opportunity to have 200 den items in your very own den!!

Have you noticed? This new update brought options to the Jammer Central. Now you can choose what type of work you want to submit.... 

Remember the Summer Carnival News Assignment, the entries are due this Wednesday!!  

Mystery of the Week

The mystery of the week is about a new animal! Over the years jammers have always thought that a new animal would be a moose/deer.. They thought this because of this located in the Canyons Pathway, also these antlers have been on sale for forever now, and Graham is shown with phantoms chasing deer...

Also they are in the"Return of  the Alphas" video. I don't know about you but deer pop up a lot!! But recently another animal has came into mind, an eagle or some type of bird! Before the raccoons came out a raccoon hat was for sale!

And this is AJHQ's old messanger...a bird!

Nobody can tell what this "Adventure" has to hold. And AJHQ has done a great job of not giving any clues! And the AJSB HAS 2,000 views! I will have a party soon! Have fun and happy jamming!!


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