Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hey Jammers! I am out in the wilderness, camping! Yesterday I wasn't sure if the campground I am at had Internet connection(WiFi)...but it does!!! So I can post!! Today's new item is a cowbell for sale at the Jam Session Party...

The Daily Explorer posted a articles about Brady's Giant Python Expedition...

And also another contest about Sidekix Plushies. You get to name the wolf! To enter follow the picture instructions on the Daily Explorer!!!

Now it is time for our little Blast to the Past segment.. This segment has to be my favorite because we get to see how Jamaa was like when Animal Jam first started! This week's Blast to the Past is about the old Login Screen. It started out like this...
And then hen you clicked "Play" another screen poped up!

After a couple months AJHQ released this background Login...

And so it was after a couple more changes Animal Jam's Login screen is back to the way it is today!! Have fun and happy jamming!!!

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