Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brady's Expeditions and Turntables

Hey Jammers! The Jamaa Journal came today and it is pawesome!! But first the new item is turntables at the Jam Session!!

 It starts with Brady's Expeditions...
Yes there are new expeditions! And there are prizes involved...
See the prizes on Chapters 2, 8, and 12
Here is a sneak peek of one of the prizes...

They are basically video series that are interactive and fun!!! On page 2 it talks about the Monthly Membership Gift which is a Spirit Glove..
Also, they are remodeling Club Geoz!! How Exciting!!! 
They also had to remind us that elephants, rhinos, and giraffes  are gone for a while.. I hope everyone got them!!
Call of the Wild! It seems like we've had something like this before! Here are the three locations in Jamaa:
There is one at Coral Canyons..

At Crystal Sands

At Jamaa Township

And there is a Jamagram Contest on its way! Just design a Summer Jamagram and submit it at Jammer Central!!
And that was pretty much it! Only 4 pages!! They get shorter and shorter!! 
Fruit Slinger is X2 Gems! So go play with your buddies!!
Here is also the Jammer Central calender for May/June:
The Daily Explorer posted three articles about Jamagrams:

To see the full articles click here!

Also did you notice AJHQ changed the symbol for gems on the tags! Cool!!

Blog News

In other new... new Awesome Jammer Art was posted in the "Awesome Jammer Art Tab"
The results of the poll turned out to be: Water Park Den is the favorite den!!
A new Quote of the Week was posted on the right column!
I also posted new Clearance items! To view them go to the Clearance Item Button to the right!!
Have fun and happy jamming!!!

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  1. Awesome blog Scooter Jammer!!


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