Monday, May 6, 2013

Sombrero and Rare Item Giveaway

Today's new item is an underwater rare sombrero for members only...

The Daily Explorer posted an article of how to grow a great garden! I think a garden is a great idea...

It would be even cooler if you earned gems ever harvest!! Also, I have big news......

Rare Item Giveaway

Each day for the next week(seven days) one rare/not-purchasable items I will be auctioning off. I will post a picture of it, and you have to send me a Jamagram if you want it that day to chocolate4050. I will choose a random jammer to trade it with me. Yes they aren't free, BUT you can trade me something little for it! Ok so in review:
1. I will post a rare item
2.If you want it send me a Jamagram(send it to chocolate4050)
3. I will choose a random jammer
4. I trade you Rare, you trade me something little that you don't want

So today's Rare item is.....

Rare Wizard Hat

If you want it send me a Jamagram! Have fun and happy jamming!!


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