Friday, May 10, 2013

Head Flower

Today's new item is a head flower located in the Jamaa Clothing Shop...
Also, I didn't catch this but there were two new items yesterday... 

Jam Session music for your den located in the Music Shop!!
And the keyboard shown in the Jamaa Journal was on for sale at the Jam Session Party!
The Daily Explorer posted about the Summer Carnival, isn't it so much fun!!! 

The Animal Jam Sky Blog's Rare Item Giveaway is still going very strong!! Today's is a 
Rare Lion Hat if you want it send a Jamagram to chocolate4050!!!!
Also, I wanted to talk more about the DrawQuest App. Remember you can follow me at chocolate4040 here is a recent quest I doodled..,
Not to bad... XD  I added two new polls to the left and right columns on this blog, so go and vote!!!!
Tonight I will post some new Awesome Jammer Art and I will make a Summer Carnival video! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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