Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pet Rollercoaster

Hey Sky Jammers! The new item is located in the newest shop at the Summer Carnival...it is a Pet Rollercoaster!!

I really like the concept of the roller coaster, however I wish it wasn't for pets. Wouldn't it be awesome if Jamaa had ROLLERCOASTERS! Cool! Who knows, maybe they will in the future!!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Beta Days...
I love how they talked about the Beta Days because it is one of the most talked about concepts in Jamaa! In other news... You Jammers voted and I responded, do you like the new background?? It is underwater like you asked...
Anyway, this is kind of random o_O But yesterday when I put on my new Rare Angel Wings for my monkey, it reminded me of a flying monkey from the film The Wizard of Oz! So I tried to out on the full costume...

Pretty close, right?!?! Haha!
Have you seen the recent thing added to Jamaa's shops??? The place cards sparkle!! Cool...
Go and try for yourself!!
 And now I would like to personally thank ferretlover87 we got together and traded, and now I have a new Epic Wolf Sidekix Plushie! If you want to play with one just head on over to my den (chocolate4050's den)! There is also a new voting poll on the right side, new contest on the Contests Tab, new server on the Servers Tab, and a new update on the About Scooter Tab! Wow a lot of new things to make your Animal Jam Experience better!!!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. does the pet rollercoaster work or did i just waste my tickets on it

    1. Hi, unfortunately it does not! I felt the same way when I bought mine!! They still make a cool den item though!

    2. you to wow but true they do i wish it accualy worked

    3. did you delete me off your buddy list


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