Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Emerald May Birthstone

Hello Jammers today is May 1st!!! And with a new month comes a new monthly membership gift and a new birthstone! So May's birthstone is a cool emerald...

I am sad to say that no one knows the Monthly Membership Gift YET! I usually come out during the day, so I will either talk about it later today or tomorrow! I have heard that it could be anything from spirit tail armor, spirit gloves, and a new pet raccoon or snow leopard!
The Daily Explorer posted about the Epic Den of The Week....

Congrats to Lucky Thefox!! That's all I have time for... Oh and I know I have had some requests to do posts on the Alphas and Servers tab so if you have a request email me at, or on twitter @ScooterJammer or just comment the request which is the easiest way! You also have a couple days to vote on the poll!!! Keep spreading the word about the Animal Jam Sky Blog! Have fun and happy jamming!!!


  1. 1st Comment!!! HaHa just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heya scooter, the monthly member gift is the spirit glove!
    it's so cool! p.s i love your 'become a official AJSB member! great idea!


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