Thursday, May 23, 2013

Football Helmet

Hi Jammers! As we all know this weekend is Memorial Weekend, and my family and I are going Camping!! Maybe I will see some of the animals in Jamaa!! :) but anyway I do not know if I will be able to post articles for tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday! I looked up on the Campground Website to see if they had wifi, so maybe I could post from my Ipad, and they do. So it is a 50/50 chance I will be posting this weekend...Sorry Jammers!! I will try my best!!

Today's new item is in the Jam Clothing Shop , it's a football helmet! Now you can have some safety while you play!!!

The Daily Explorer posted an article about a News Crew Article winner...
Congrats Fauna Theivy!!!
Did you notice? The Beta Game River Race is back!!!! Ya!! However it isn't for sale yet as a den item...
To play it go to the bottom of Jamaa Township..


Here is a little spoiler alert! These are the prizes you get for the Brady Barr's Expedition...

Anyway, Club Geoz is under construction, but you are still allowed inside. Look at the blueprint up close on the side of Club Geoz...
It looks like the Conservation Museum!!

A lot of you emailed me @ and asked me what I thought would be in the next update. I think that Club Geoz will be back, and by the blueprint above I bet it will be more dancing, like a ballroom, since the new Jam Session took the music! I also think Cosmo and the Koalas will be back with a new land, maybe a new Carnival game, or a new expedition!!
In blog news.... A new poll was posted to the right, so go and vote today!!!  Have fun and happy jamming!!

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  1. on may 26 i thought club geoz is closed and going to remove it!!!!!


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