Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pet Carousel and Phantom Monster

The Summer Carnival has a new den item in their stores! It is a new pet carousel!!
The Daily Explorer posted a couple of articles, two on gems...
And another Epic Den of the Week!!! Congrats Miss PrettyRose!

I had a Water Park last night in my den, and it was a blast!!! The turn out was 26 jammers! And when you think 26 jammers in such a small den, that is a lot!!!! We all had fun swimming, trading, and making music!! I also have the results of our two polls!! The left poll about your favorite thing about the Summer Carnival, the result is Plushies!! And the right poll was what I should add to my blog...the result is a..Videos tab!!! So I will add that soon!

Secret of the Week

The  Secret of the Week is the Phantom Monster! Have you ever heard of it? This is the description found on Wiki: The Phantom Monster is a large phantom shown in the Animal Jam video, "Return of the Alphas." It was a large mighty phantom that may have been the king of the Phantoms, it never met it's demise when the Alphas attacked it's mouth. The phantom monster currently ate the alphas. It was most likely the ruler of the phantoms.
The ruler of the phantoms, kind of creepy! But it looks like it was destroyed by the Alphas!! Here is a picture in the video: 
And here is a plushie of it:
If you want to see this plushie in Jamaa just head over to my den (chocolate4050)! I have one!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. you have the same background as my blog

    1. Cool! I love it! Do you care if I do, or do you want me to change it?

  2. The phantom looks scary!!!


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