Sunday, May 5, 2013


Everyone was confused about the new item at the Jam Session Party, so what is it? Nobody knows until it came. It is a nice accordion!!

Anyway the Daily Explorer posted about the May Monthly Gift, which is the ever so famous Spirit Glove!

What do you think the next Monthly Gift will be? Will AJHQ follow along the line of Spirit stuff?
Now for the MYSTERY OF THE WEEK...
It is in Sepia Forest by the flag shop and movie theatre, it is the Movie Posters! Before the Alphas came back, Jammers didn't know who these characters were. Now we know it is Sir Glibert and Graham...

So the mystery part is are they in the Movies? Will they be in a movie on AJ? What will it be about? As you know I sent a letter to AJHQ about some ideas, but I got back a letter they send to everyone else..but it says they will defiantly look at my feedback! Click the picture below to read the reply! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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