Monday, January 16, 2017


Hey Jammers!
Today is a special day because the Animal Jam Sky Blog will reach 900,000 views today!
Today is Monday, January 16th, 2017.

The Rare Item Monday is Rare Snowy Boots...
It is hidden in the catalog of the Jam Mart Clothing Store!

Scooter's Sketches

The Scooter's Sketch of the Week is of a cartoon Squirrel...
I love squirrels, they are so FLUFFY!
I wonder what he is looking at... probably a giant acorn.

If you have cool drawings, email me at, and your art will be shown on the Animal Jam Sky Art Blog.

Sky News

As I mentioned briefly above, the Animal Jam Sky Blog has reached or will reach today:
I want to thank everyone who reads the blog for being supportive as I transition back to blogging. The Animal Jam Sky Blog is a great place for jammers to learn, share, and have fun in a safe environment. I definitely couldn't have reached this milestone without your help, so continue to comment, share, contribute, and view the Animal Jam Sky Blog. I can't wait till we reach that 1,000,000 views mark next! Believe me, that will be one of the biggest celebrations the blog has ever seen.

In honor of 900,000 views, Blu the Monkey has made his return! If you are new to the blog, Blu the Monkey is the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Mini Plushie Comic Series. Be sure to read all of Season 1 to start Season 2 because Season 2 Begins NOW:
Click the image above or here to read the the Comic Issue!

Comment Call: Talk about the NEW Blu the Monkey Comic Issue.

Since Blu has returned, there has been a change in the Sky Schedule. Now, instead of Shake-It-Up Saturday's, there will be a new Blu the Monkey Issue. 
To see the changes click the image or here.

The Get-To-Know-You Party was a HUGE success yesterday! Here are some pictures:

Thanks again! It was very fun to play games, talk, and have fun together!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. The new issue was very interesting! Also, congrats on getting 900,000 views! The party yesterday was very nice! :)

  2. NEED MORE OF BLU! XD Congrats on getting 900,00 views! :D
    Check out my den! Though, it may be a bit laggy O.o

  3. Yay! Blue is back! The comic was absolutely EPIC!

  4. My comments are glitching on ur new post but I'll tell u here! Please check out my airport den, (I even have plushies forth people and stewertist!) user of course is Gfox0


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