Monday, July 24, 2017

Scooter's Favorites & Unused Ideas

Hello Sky Jammers!
Today is Monday, July 24th, 2017.

As many of you already know, I have decided to leave the Animal Jam Sky Blog and Animal Jam. With this in mind, I have chose to make this "Scooter's Last Week". We will have featured posts all week, while Thursday will have the Final Post...
Check out the full schedule above to see what is coming up next! The Final Post is where I will explain why I have chosen to leave Animal Jam. Notice that one thing has been added to the schedule on this Wednesday...

It is called "Q&A", and here is how it works. Today, you can comment any and as many questions as you want about anything! It could be questions about Animal Jam, the Animal Jam Sky Blog, or myself. I will then choose certain questions to answer, and they will be featured in Wednesday's post.

Today's post is all about my favorite things so you can learn more about me, and all of the unused ideas I had planned for the Animal Jam Sky Blog's future.

Scooter's Favorites

Many of you have known me for weeks, months, and even years as the author of the Animal Jam Sky Blog and your fellow jammer. However, you might not know me that well. Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite Land

My all-time favorite land is the Lost Temple of Zios. I love the lore and mystery that this big land holds. The Mystery Emporium, Temple of Trivia, Brady Barr's Laboratory, the Chamber of Knowledge, Falling Phantoms Game, Adventure gateway, and much more. These places and features just scream mystery!

Favorite AJ Holiday

My favorite holiday is the Night of the Phantom celebration. I love how Animal Jam is changed to nighttime, and jammers all over dress up in costumes. Candy, parties, adventures, games, pets, items, and more are released during this time of the year.

Favorite Shop

The best place to buy plants in Jamaa happens to be my favorite shop. Treetop Gardens is the perfect place to spruce up your den with plants. I love it because it brings items back to the purpose of Animal Jam, to learn more about plants and animals, plus every month you get a new flower!

Favorite Building

My favorite building is located in my favorite land. The Chamber of Knowledge contains so much intrigue and knowledge for jammers. I love seeing the artwork that AJHQ put into this big building at the heart of Jamaa.

Favorite Adventure

One of my favorite adventures is The Hive. Jammers travel into the caves full of darkness, mushrooms, phantoms, and crystals. We witness more phantoms in this adventure, and things such as Alpha Stones.

Favorite Feature

My absolute favorite feature on Animal Jam is the Jamaa Journal. The Jamaa Journal is the best part of Animal Jam because it gives the game new features. Every jammers is excited for an update. These Jamaa Journals have evolved over the years but shows a glimpse at Animal Jam's future.

You can learn more about me on the About Scooter page, including my favorite item, animal, alpha, pet, and much more!

Unused Ideas

One of my favorite things to do is plan ahead. Over the years, you have seen many "Coming Soon" signs and advertisements about coming contests, pages, fashion shows, parties, videos, and much more; however, here are some unused ideas that I was planning on doing in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's future.

The Sky Maze

One of the most exciting things that I was looking forward to was the Sky Maze. The Sky Maze was going to be a fun game page added to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. You would start on the introductory page, where you could find Graham giving you instructions. You would then click "Enter the Maze". From there you would have different clues and twists on deciding whether to click on the "Go Left" or "Go Right" signs on the pages. One page would lead to another page and so on. There would be tons of pages, and one way would lead to the exit of the maze where you would win!

Starter's Kit

Another page that I was planning on adding was a Starter's Kit. The Starter's Kit was an idea brought upon by another jammer who loved to blog. This page would teach you how to start and grow an Animal Jam Blog. It would also be an introductory page for new jammers and how to play Animal Jam.

Blu Character Profiles

On Blu the Monkey's blog, I was planning on redoing the whole blog. I was specifically thinking of doing separate character profile pages for almost all of the Blu the Monkey characters. I was also going to reinvent the Live Action page on Blu's blog.

Sky Jammers Page

A future page that was to be added was the Sky Jammers Page. This page would feature all of you! Each jammer who is considered a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog community would get their own Sky Jammer profile. It would have a picture of your main look, your favorite pet, land, birthday, and other simple information. It would have been a great way to get to know the jammers around you!

Social Media Contest

A new contest that was in development was the Social Media Contest. This would instruct jammers to post your love for the Animal Jam Sky Blog on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media outlets. The winner with the most likes/views would receive a prize. The Social Media Contest would outreach to get more jammers to enjoy the Sky Blog.

Game Guide

The Game Guide was going to be released actually later this week. It was a complete guide on how to play each game, where to buy each game, and fun facts about the games in Jamaa. I was excited to add another guide to the Sky Blog.

Redo Pages

A big project that I was working on was to redo a bunch of the old pages on the Animal Jam Sky Blog. One in particular was the Beta Page. I was going to completely redo the Beta page to feature jammers opinions, and to simply add more organization and information.

Scooter's Present Hunt

Every year during the Spring Festival, we host the Sky Egg Hunt. A while back during April, I had a poll asking what Sky Egg Hunt like event did you want to come soon. The most votes was Scooter's Present Hunt. I would hide presents each day on the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and you had to find them. Each present would hold a surprise.

Animal Jam Sky Commercial

Something funny that I was planning was an Animal Jam Sky Blog commercial. I was going to make a video advertising the Animal Jam Sky Blog and all of its features. It was just another way to spread the word about the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Journey of the Wolves 4: The Howl Legacy

Lastly, I was planning on making another Journey of the Wolves movie. As many of you know, Journey of the Wolves is a movie series made by the Animal Jam Sky Blog. The fourth installment would be Journey of the Wolves 4: The Howl Legacy. We would see some old faces, and some new faces. You can still watch the Journey of the Wolves on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog.

There you have it, jammers. Some of the ideas that I was planning on making in the future. There are many other ideas I could tell you about, including an AJ Apps page, re-release the Sol Arcade, and many moreNever say never. Who knows if you could see these things. One day I might return to Jamaa, but we will talk more about that on Thursday. Please, if you have an Animal Jam blog do NOT copy these ideas ^-^

Remember to comment those questions for the Q&A below. Thanks!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Wow, those are awesome ideas! I was thinking about asking you if you could do another sky video, those were always fun!
    Questions for the Q&A:
    Who was your biggest inspiration in Jamaa?
    What made you want to start an AJ blog?
    Who is/was your biggest inspiration in real life?
    What's your favourite type of music?
    Do you have a favourite band?
    What program do you use to make all the graphics for this blog?
    Do you watch any non AJ youtubers, if so which ones?

    Well that's a lot of questions:)

  2. Omg! That picture of the old Jamaa Journal header gives me so much memories! Also the hive holds a special place in my heart.
    Do you like Pokémon?
    If so, who's your favorite character (Pokémon or trainer or both)
    Anyways, enjoy ur last week. I'll miss you.
    -Fluffehkittehz (changed name)

  3. It's so sad to see you leave again, Evan! I know what it feels like when you have to leave AJ! You have always been my favorite AJ blog just because of your good spirit and hard work you put into this blog. I'm shooting you an email, so make sure to check your inbox.
    1. How old are you, and how old were you when you created AJ Sky?
    2. Why didn't you become an AJ Youtuber?
    3. Who is your favorite AJ Youtuber?
    4. What's one thing you enjoy doing in real life?

  4. Oh and scooter I was thinking if anyone wants to keep in touch with you, on your last post you could out a few ways to keep in touch with you, like your email and other stuff

    1. Thanks for the idea, Violet!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  5. Really, I don't see why u quit in the middle of all of this, because this is great stuff!
    What is your LEAST favorite land?
    What is your LEAST favorite animal?
    What is your favorite food?
    What is your favorite color?
    What is your favorite party in AJ?

  6. How old are you?
    What's your favorite color?
    Will you still playing AJ?
    What grade are you in?
    I am going into eighth.
    These are some of my questions, if can answer any of these plz do so

  7. Night of the phantoms was always my favorite too! I think the maze sounds really fun!

  8. Hey Scooter,
    Sorry to hear you're leaving. I was upset when I found out, but I understand that you're growing older and that you have other priorities over Animal Jam. Thanks for returning for a while, though. I'll say more on Thursday


    1. Thank you so much for being a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog, Kraft!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  9. Would you consider playing games other than Animal Jam? You have previously expressed that you have a decline in interest in Animal Jam.

  10. This is so random but do you wear glasses or have braces?

  11. Scooter so um why did you decide to leave Sky Blog and AJ?

  12. Thank you for bringing the knowledge. I hope I get the most out of it.
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