Thursday, July 27, 2017

The End

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog.
Today is Thursday, July 27th, 2017.

It is a very sad day today on the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

As you know, I announced last Sunday that I am leaving the Animal Jam Sky Blog. The whole week we have been celebrating "Scooter's Last Week" with featured posts. However, it is time for the final post. This is the final post.

Please take the time to read (probably the longest) post. I do not want everyone to be sad or upset, but happy because of all the memories and history we have created. I want it to be a happy goodbye.

Why Am I Quitting?

The #1 question pressing on every Sky Jammer's mind is "Why are you leaving?" Finally, you get to find out why I have decided to leave again.

If you know me, you know that I am busy! I always say how busy I am when I see everyone in Jamaa. The reason I was so busy is because I was working hard to make the Animal Jam Sky Blog the best it could be. Being busy really took a toll on me. I have no time for my actual real life. It feels like I am actually living a double life. Some people call me by my real name, and some people know me as Scooter. Being busy all the time started to make me unhappy.

I have always said that I am too old for Animal Jam. I can't play a kids game the rest of my life. I hope you understand. I know that you will one day when you decided to leave Jamaa. As I grow older, I am starting to lose interest in playing the game. One of the reasons I have stayed this long was because I love the art and graphics that AJHQ creates.

One of the most heartbreaking reasons why I have decided to leave is Youtube. Animal Jam Blogs used to be the primary source of Animal Jam fun and news outside of Animal Jam itself. When I came back in December of 2016, things had changed. The whole Animal Jam blogging community moved to Youtube. There are only a handful of popular blogs out there, which makes me sad. Please revive the blogging community and start your own blog! The Animal Jam blogging community is losing another great blog today.

The sad reality is that Animal Jam has changed. New Jamaa Journals, promotional codes, toys, masterpieces, Play Wild, Youtube, VidCon. So many new things have changed. I can't keep up with reporting all the news that is happening. It is not the Animal Jam that I once new. It used to be about learning about animals, plants, the world, making friends, and much more heart.

Will I Be Back?

The BIG question: "Will Scooter ever come back?" All I can say for now is... maybe. You never know, and I never want to say never. I am not going to say that I might come back to the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and I am not going to say that I will never come back to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. I may throw in and make a new post every once in awhile, like I did when I left the blog the first time. Who knows, maybe I will return in the future. Keep checking back right here to find out ^-^

Keep In Touch

I hope each and every one of you continue the Animal Jam Sky Blog's spirit when you journey through Jamaa, and even start your own blogs. Lots of you have asked how to keep in touch with me. Here are some ways to communicate with me:

Send me a Jam-A-Gram on Animal Jam. It is quick, easy, and you know that I will get it whenever I log into Animal Jam. For the next month, I plan on getting on Animal Jam a couple of times a week. I will try my best to respond!

This is probably the best way to get with me. You can tag, comment, or private message me on Instagram to send me a message.

Simply comment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog! I will see it. I plan on checking the blog off and on for the months to come.

This form of communication would probably take the longest to respond as I won't check my email every day. It could be a week before I respond, but this is a good way to send a long message with attachments, such as images, videos, or more.

Purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog

The purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog has always been to report Animal Jam news. After all, the Animal Jam Sky Blog's slogan is "The #1 Source of Animal Jam News". The purpose has been reporting the news to all of you so you know what happened, what's going on, and what is to come.

Real Purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog

You might not know that there has always been another secret real purpose of the Sky Blog. The real purpose of the Animal Jam Sky Blog was to create relationships. Not only did I make many friends throughout the course of the Animal Jam Sky Blog, but also you all have become friends with each other. The Animal Jam Sky Blog became a place where you can be you, around jammers who love you. I want you to know that God loves you. He wants to become a part of you. God has a great big plan for you, and may He guide you throughout your life.

Thank you

Over the past years, I have gotten a bunch of "Thank You"s from all of you. However, I wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" to all of you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for all of your help. Thank you for the memories....
Without you, there would be no Animal Jam Sky Blog. Above are just some of the many jammers a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog community. There are many, many more. Thanks for being a Sky  Jammer. It doesn't end here. You will always be a part of the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

Final Goodbye

We have hit the bottom of the post. It is time to say goodbye. I will miss you all so much. Thank you once again for everything you have all done. My life has been forever changed because of the Animal Jam Sky Blog. My only hope is that jammers in the years to come can look back at the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Experience the posts, witness the fun, explore the pages, and remember the name of Scooter. I am Scooter, signing off for the last time.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I'm sad you're leaving. I see your point though. Everyone won't play animal jam forever. You've got to move on. I loved your blog as soon as I went on.

  2. Good bye Scooter! Everyone one will miss you a lot:') thanks again for so many great memories here. If ever do decide to come back for good again, don't put a lot of stress on yourself and so much work in yourself. Thanks again!!!

  3. I'm sad your leaving... but I wanna thank you for something. If it weren't for this blog, I would've never met my best friend, Polarkinz, aka Katya. So thank you. Thank you for the memories, thank you for making this blog possible. Bye scooter. Love you! ❤️

  4. I'm really sad about this, I have had so many good memories with this blog! I even (almost XD) got to be in Journey of the Wolves! But I know that you should do what makes you happy and I understand. I quit Animal Jam for the same reasons. So I guess this is goodbye and God bless!


  5. Goodbye scooter. You are so inspiring. Also, I don't understand why animal jam is all into famous jammers and stuff. I think animal jam is losing its purpose, so I don't blame you for quitting. I mean, I'm not gonna quit. But anyway thanks scooter. I will miss u.

  6. Goodbye, Scooter! I will always be impacted by your hard work to make friends and help other people! Thank you for the Animal Jam Sky Blog, an amazing gift you shared with so many other jammers! You have been a good friend to everyone on here! You should really use your talent for blogging as a job! (: Your friend, Papyjam.

  7. Thank you for always being so consistent with your posts and really giving me a more in depth experience with animal jam. I will miss this blog so much! I hope whatever else you will be doing will be sucessfull! God bless you for everything that you have done.

  8. Farewell, Scooter. I have a feeling you're going to do great in life. Thank you for creating this amazing blog.
    If it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't have met my best friend Gfox0. So thank you, Scooter.
    Always remember that friendship is magic. :)

  9. I am very sad that you're leaving. You will be missed if you choose to not come back. Without you I probably wouldn't have had gotten into blogging. Bye for now. :( ~ Addygym

  10. I quit animaljam cuz I thought it was not a good game and i was to old to play it cuz i thought it was a silly game and a lot of people play it that are WAY to old to be playing animaljam. (tox7)

  11. I will miss you so much Scooter, good luck and remember the fun you had here.

  12. I'll miss you so much :C
    You will be missed a lot :c

    Have a good life (:

  13. I'm a little late in seeing you off, huh?

    A second goodbye- everyone has different interests and lead different lives. Your plan to leave, well, everyone grows up and change, I guess, even Jamaa has evolved so much, growing alongside us.

    Hahaa what a useless comment up there. Anyway, good bye, Scooter. Leave if you may, and leave no regrets, because I have been told "only fools regret". Live to your fullest in your life, don't let things hinder you if you can carve a path, a choice, like creating the AJSB and nurturing it...

    Well, this is goodbye.

  14. Thank you so much for your nice words and comments! I am glad I could be an inspiration in many of your lives. Thank you, and I will miss you all very much.

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    1. Scooter,
      It was a lot of fun being your friend and knowing you, and I'm sad you're leaving. Unfortunately, I quit Animal Jam too. Please keep all of your happy memories of me and your other fellow Jammers close at heart.

  15. Hey Scooter. Truth be told, I haven't visited your blog as much as I'd like-- not because I don't like it, (trust me, you have excellent content!) but because my computer crashes really easily and for some reason this blog is like kryptonite to it, which is something you probably can't control. I'm walking on a tightrope writing this comment. XD

    Still, I always smiled when a post from you appeared on my blogger dashboard. You just seem to have been so dedicated-- nothing would stand between you and a good post!

    I really respect that you've opened up to us about why you've decided to quit/go on hiatus/etc. I never actually expected that you felt that way about AJ (loving the nature aspect and feeling iffy about the new stuff and YouTubing) because that is just how I feel.

    Still, I've been running my blog for the past 5 years. I know, it feels crazy overwhelming whenever a lot of news comes out--- its way harder to keep up with then it used to be, I'll tell ya that! But even when new stuff seems to ignore the core of AJ, learning about wildlife, I still find comfort in its flexibility, and my ability to create a community based on my favorite parts of AJ, no matter how underrated.

    I'm not trying to invalidate your reasons for leaving. Honestly, you didn't even need to explain yourself for leaving. It's a game, posting's supposed to be fun, so you can leave when you want and pick it up again when you want. No pressure should be here.

    I also wanna let you know that as for the age thing, you're not as alone as you may think. A lot of kids have kinda grown up with AJ, and while they may be a few years older than the demographic, it's such a unique game that they just come back for more! I don't really think certain interests should be limited to certain age groups. I'm 16, past the AJ demographic, but I'm Jamming, blogging, and having tons of fun. And don't take it from me, ask snowyclaw, too! :)

    It can be exhausting trying to be a general news source for AJ, I get that totally. It's kinda why I don't cover EVERYTHING, because I like to go into depth about the things I find really cool. If you ever come back, I suggest that you try that for a bit.

    Until we meet again, have a wonderful time offline! We'll miss your dedication, but we'll have this blog as a memento.

    JAG me if you want! But fyi I'm nonmember so my messages are limited :)


  16. I read this blog every day. I am so upset you are leaving. Scooter, you and Blu were a piece of my heart, now it is gone. All of your work-none of those things matter. Please, oh scooter, please, come back! :( I just came back from crying for 1 hour.

  17. Tbh, I'm sad your leaving but I feel like it's because you couldn't make enough money on blogging. I feel like your faking what your personality really is. I was a fan until I realized you're a bit... too full of yourself.

    It's hypocritical that you advertised on people's posts but we couldn't even advertise here? Why is that so?

    And I'm not trying to start anything, I'm stating how I feel.

    I hear you used to be much more different from what you are now, I wish I could've been around in the blogging community back in 2013 to meet that scooter.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way! I want you to know from me that making money had no part of my decision to quit. Honestly, I would like to continue, butI am just too busy. Also, I don't know who told you I am different from when I was in 2013. Maybe I am a little because everyone changes :)

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  18. I know I can sign into my blogger account but I am honestly too lazy. Here we go :I am one of gfox0's impersonators,and I hacked sandy shores into the game. I might deny it later but I will admit it now sorry to let you down.

    1. I find this comment hilarous tbh XD

    2. Haha omg this is halarious



    5. he is apart i

  19. Why did you come back only to leave again?

  20. I hate myself that I didn't comment earlier, but i'm so sad to see you leaving again. I really hope you enjoyed this blog, because I sure did. Thank you for making my day always better when I read those posts.
    -tig xoxo

  21. Scoot,
    It's been a while and I am so sorry. I get what you mean by busy. My life changed when my mum went. I will miss you but I hope to still see you in AJ. Plus it isn't working cas I need to send an email to my dad. You were the NO1 source for me. You helped me with this blog to understand the world of AJ. Because of you, I've become experienced at the game. You were such an inspiration to me and I'm sure other would agree. I see you never put that guide up that I mentioned? Oh well, who cares? I don't need that silly guide. You and this blog were my guide. Goodbye and I will see you in AJ. Good luck in your future, like my mum always said, believe in what you do, believe that you can do anything, don't let others say you can't.
    Booscare5 xoxo

  22. Watch him come back really soon lol and then omg
    Its so annoying

    1. I am sorry that you think it would be annoying if I came back.
      Who says I even left... *mysterious noise*

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  23. Top ten saddest anime deaths..... :'((((( I cri everytiem

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  25. Goodbye, Scooter! I will always be impacted by your hard work
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