Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Clown Masks

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Tuesday May 30th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is a Giant Egyptian Scarab...
Buy one in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 450 gems.

Also, available in the Diamond Shop...
You can purchase a Mushroom Water Feature for 2 diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "Do all ocean animals eat meat?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.

Item Spotlight

Every Tuesday a new item is analyzed under the Item Spotlight.

The Item Spotlight this week shines on Clown Masks...
I recently got a request to look into Clown Masks in the Item Spotlight segment. The Clown Mask was introduced to Bahari Bargains back in October 2011 after the Beta Days. That means this is NOT a Beta item. The Clown Mask is actually a Night of the Phantom item.

It was released a second time during the Night of the Phantom celebration the following year in 2012 with new colors. The old colors now have a RARE tag. Another item, called Clown Hair (seen above) looks like the Clown Mask, but is released at the Summer Carnival. If you think about, this item actually looks pretty scary! Like a zombie Liza the Alpha. O.o

Rarity: *** (Rare Colors worth more)
Status: Members, Underwater
Rare Item Monday: No
Popularity: ** (2/5 Stars)

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Today are the Sign-ups for Jammer and Pet of the Month...
Now it is better than ever to be Jammer and Pet of the Month because the winners are granted one "Special Power" sometime throughout the month. This special power could be writing a news article in a post, hosting a poll on the side column, etc.
Comment Call: Sign-up to be Jammer/Pet of the Month by commenting below, sending a Jam-a-gram, or email.

Don't forget to also sign-up for Peck's Animal Effect Contest...
Enteries are due by this Friday, June 2nd, 2017!
Go to the Contests Page or click the image above to enter.

Liza's Best Animal Tournament is into the Elite Eight rounds. Here is the updated bracket...
The winner of yesterday's round was Snow Leopards.

Round 14:
Comment Call: Vote for the better animal species.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I choose cougars! And I nominate Gfox to be jammer of the month!

    1. Oops she's already been it. I nominate Graciepopstar91 from the AJ friendship community!

  2. Ooh! Cougars! They're so cute ^-^

    Eek! Clowns! *Hides*

  3. Can I nominate myself? My user is Purplestarclub and my animal is Blooming CuteGirl. :D

    1. Of course you can!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Falcons! Thanks for doing the Clown masks! Can I nomitate my self? Cheshirecat200 Muddy Canyonbird

  5. Clown. Creepy. AAAH!
    So anyway, I vote for cougars cuz they're so cute and their cats!
    And I guess I'll nominate myself, grumpycat1848, with my animal gorgeous gentle joy.
    ....... should I enter my pet.............
    Ok sure fancysprinkles the giraffe!
    Have a nice day!

  6. I vote for cougars!
    That clown mask is actually quite scary.
    I'm going to nominate myself, if that's okay.
    My username is Jayfeather17, and I nominate my coyote Swift Desertcoyote.

  7. I nominate Purple to be jammer of the month :D
    And for le pets, I nominate Jokerfox! Her owner is Gfox0!

    Also clowns are scary

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