Saturday, December 24, 2016

Disney Animal Jam

Merry Christmas Eve Jammers!
The Daily Jamaaliday Item of today is a Holiday Sweater...

Ahh.. I got a pink one -.-
The new item of the day is located in the Diamond Shop...

Here are all of the color varieties:

This item looks great for winter deer, horses, and other four-legged creatures.
Go to Crystal Sands now, and click on the Message in the Bottle...

You will receive another diamond for free :)

Shake-It-Up Saturday

Shake-It-Up Saturday is the Saturday segment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog where I or other Jammers give you ideas on what to do to "Shake Things Up" in Jamaa. If you are ever bored on Animal Jam here are some ideas on how you can have some fun.

Today's Shake-It-Up Idea is about Disney Movies.
We all have our favorite Disney Movies, so why not recreate them!
Idea #1: The Lion King
All you need is a couple of friends with lions (or tigers for nonmembers), one can be a pig for Pumbaa, and a toucan for Zazu. Then go to Appondale and pretend to be the characters from the movie
Idea #2: The Jungle Book

To pretend with the Jungle Book you and your buddies can be elephants, a tiger, a polar bear for Baloo, and more. Then explore the Temple of Zios pretending to be in the Jungle Book.

I am sure you get the idea, and could probably come up with more ideas. Here are a few others:
Idea #3: Bambi (Deer and Bunnies in Sarepia Forest)
Idea #4: 101 Dalmatians (Dress Wolves as Dalmations in Jamaa Township)
Idea #5: Robin Hood (Be a fox, polar bear, etc and explore)

Regardless, pretend with buddies to be in your favorite Disney Movie!

Sky News

Nobody has sent in art for the Jamaaliday Extravaganza Christmas Day post tomorrow.

SO, please if you have any Jamaaliday Art send it to me at!

In other news, yesterday I encountered someone who asked "How do I comment on your blog?"
That is a great question, here is the simple answer ^-^

#1.) Scroll down to the bottom of the page/post you want to comment on

Click on the " __ comments" button.

#2.) Then, the page will reload, so scroll to the bottom of the page again. You will see others comments, and underneath their comments there will be a box that looks like this:

Type in your comment in the "Enter your comment..." box.

#3.) Choose an option in the "Comment as" drop-down. (Most jammers choose anonymous and just comment their username)

#4.) Click Publish

It is as simple as that! Remember to read the Animal Jam Sky Blog three rules before you comment though, which are no bullying, no inappropriate words, and no advertising.

The Jamaaliday Jingle Contest has ended.

Comment Call: What did you ask for Christmas?

Christmas is tomorrow!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I asked for an computer. My old computer was sooo laggy, and always crashed on AJ. For now I am on my dads. I may get an computer that teaches you to code, hack I think it's pretty cool. Anyways are we still good for 10:00 AM today to get my gift? Thanks. bye byes! ~Addygym

  2. Hiya Scooter! I asked for a iphone 6 or 7 (currently i have an iphone 4 :P) by the way, i checked out your Blu the monkey series and its pawsome!! Maybe if you get membership again you could do a series about Blu and his friends' kids!! Merry christmas eve! - Fox

    1. Yes, I have been certainly thinking about it, but no promises!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  3. Hey scooter? What happened to the skybchat?

    1. The company that I used for Sky Chat stopped, so I got rid of the page. If you want to chat and trade with other jammers, go to the Trading Center tab at the top of the blog. That will allow you to chat, make trades, and have fun. Hope this helps, Violet!

  4. I really like those disney in aj ideas!

  5. I asked for a new iPad (because my current one is basically dead) and some other stuff :)
    as of now, it is 11:15pm on Christmas eve for me and I can't sleep Dx


  6. I sent some art :D
    Hmm... what I want for Christmas is a 3d printer! Ok, I actually received it a couple of days ago, but still :P

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