Friday, April 26, 2013

Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue and New Party

Hi Jammers! A Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue worth 3,000 gems is for sale today in Epic Wonders!!
Price but worth it!!
The Daily Explorer posted another News Crew Article winner! So go and read that sometime today...

Next I wanted to go more in depth of the new Jam Session Party! I have went to it an I thought it was fun, but needed some improving!! Here are just snapshots of the party!!

As you can see it is a tiny spaced party, but the stage is huge!!

 Above: Items for sale!

Left: The only shop(Clothing Shop)

Right: A closed shop, which will soon be for a den item shop!

Also I noticed that there has to be a den shop soon because they ask what den items would you like to see?!?
And now I am very excited to announce that the Animal Jam Sky Blog has reached 1,000 views!!!
Congrats everyone this blog is growing and growing! In honor of this accomplishment I am hosting a Jam Session Party in my den so spread the word!! Everyone be there! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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