Monday, December 23, 2013

90,000 Views and Greely

Jamaa News

Hiya Jammers! Today I am going to hurry through the Jamaa News because we need to celebrate 90,000 views! So, the Rare Item Monday is a Rare Hood with Feathers and the Jamaaliday Gift is Bow and Arrows...
Expensive Rare, and I bet a lot of jammers are happy for the returning Bows. 
There is a new video in Sarepia Forest...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the last birthstone...
 I am so glad I collected them all! ^-^


 Now, I am going to blend the Mystery of the Week with the 90,000 views celebration. This will be an exclusive look at Greely!
Greely has been one of the most favorite Alphas out there. Many jammers love his mysterious look and love for fighting phantoms. But, could Greely be living a different hidden life? Lets find out!
Greely didn't always look so menacing. Back in 2010 Animal Jam featured him as blue with a cape, and a gem eye...
He looks so peaceful right there. Back then he loved mysteries and searching for gems. Greely was the only Alpha to actually speak his mind. Now, AJHQ has changed his looks and personality some. Today, in 2013, Greely is featured as this...
Granted, many Alphas have changed such as Peck, but Greely is so dark now. Some jammers say that Greely is even too scary! He has a deep voice, no gem for an eye, blackish/blueish, orange glowing eyes, and sharp claws. 
In Greely's Inferno, it gets even wackier! In Greely's room these messages pop-up....

*Click to enlarge
Sounds to me like Greely has some secrets! Could he be leader of the phantoms and even the phantom king? Could he be trying to trick the phantoms? Could he be trying to trick the Alphas and us?! Evil? Good? Alive? Dead? We will have to wait and find out!

Comment Call: Comment some ideas and opinions!

Sky News

The Celebration Poll is over! Here are the results: 
Seems some of us celebrate differently.
The Contest is over! The winner's item will be shown Christmas Day.
Thanks for 90,000 views!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I'm pretty sure Greely is in leuge with the Phantoms. I mean, I never saw Greeley's room, so those messages just give me more proof. He seems way too involved with the phantoms and only ever is shown with them. And he doesn't seem like he ever wants your help, right? Well, niether would a spy. So, Greeley also has no background info... Maybe he was corrupted at one point? Who knows, I guess we'll have to wait and see for the next adventure...~

    1. But there is a 50 out of 100 percent chance the Greely is dead.

    2. i love greely he and peck are my favorite alpha's!
      greely might be dead :C because remember in the adventure the alpha's said that no one could of made it out of their ALIVE.
      i'm still on greely's side though. I wish that their will be another adventure that shows when greely (if he's dead) comes back to life in an exiting adventure!

    3. P.S. the one who posted that comment was me 3berrygirl just in case my buddy's look at it

  2. I think Greeley is good. He did save your life in the volcano called Inferno. That is just what I think.


  3. where is greelys room????????????? oh and i think he is good but he is wayyyyyyyyy too close to the phantoms for comfort.


    1. I think Greely is good. I have only been on the tutorial adventure and normal mode if the first adventure, so I don't know a lot about this stuff.

    2. The room is the passage in which only wolves can unlock.

    3. greely is good in my opinion. I think that greely is a spy. He spys on the phantoms he fools them using all those books. Besides, he did die for JAMMAA! but i agree, he is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to close to phantoms.

  4. It is awesome you have 90,000 views

  5. Congrats scooter! I'm glad to see your blog rising! :) I love this blog and I check it everyday.

  6. I think Greely is dead but I also think he was good why would he save you and jamma if he wasn't

  7. I am not so sure about Greely.
    His bio gives a little insight into how he behaves such has using his opponents forces (the phantoms) against them, while Sir Glibert prefers a more head on approach. If anything he shows a slight more intelligence in battle strategy over some of the other alphas. Plus it even says, " it’s possible the Phantoms fear him even more than they do Sir Gilbert." So if he was a spy for the phantoms why would they ask someone they FEAR? IDK
    But it also says he's a shadowy character even seems to mysteriously appear out of no where. Perhaps he is learning from the phantoms bag of tricks? But these pop ups from greely's inferno make me wonder who's side is he really on?

  8. I think Greely is good!
    I believe that he is just a spy for the Alphas, and pretends to be on the phantoms' side. (Sort of like Severus Snape from Harry Potter) Yes, I've seen Greely's Inferno, and I admit it's a little fishy. But, maybe they did that on purpose, to make him seem shady. AJHQ is really not above anything, I wouldn't put it past them at all. Maybe I'm just sticking up for him, maybe I'm influenced by my love of wolves, maybe I'm biased! But I think that Greely may even be, however unexpectedly, the hero of Jamaa, and I'm not afraid to shout it out from the top of Mount Shiveer!

    1. yes gem!!! that is exactly what i think! p.s. for some totally unknown reason my favorite character in harry potter is snape (he is my 6th favorite

    2. Meh top fave in Harry Potter is snape meh top fave alpha is greely there the same greely is snape

  9. I think he looked sispicous at me and I found his room its true about pop ups I found a dead bunny

  10. ew a dead bunny when I went in there, ( I saw some phantoms right behind him) NO LIE!

  11. Congratulations on 90,000 views!


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