Friday, July 19, 2013

Friendship Bracelet and Videos

No Post on Saturday July 20, 2013!!!

Hello Jammers! As you can see above I will not be posting on Saturday! Anyway, the new item today is a friendship bracelet! I think this is a great idea. Whether member or not you can run around Jamaa with bracelets and buddies....


New Video in the Sarepia Theater 
The Daily Explorer posted an article on Tunnel Town...

When I logged on to Animal Jam yesterday, I had 73 Jam-a-grams, and I thought that is strange! Turns out my den was on the epic dens list and those Jam-a-grams were all buddy requests....
I was so happy to see this ^-^

Blog News

I am hosting a birthday party in honor of my birthday and 15,000 views...

Skymail #2 video is released! Thank you for all your support.....

  • Congrats to Wolflover12203 and Cheesewedge for winning the Holiday Item Giveaway!
  • Sky Blog's Blog List updated

I know there is a lot of important things to remember happening on the Animal Jam Sky Blog! Below is a pawesome video that was pointed out to me by a lot of jammers. It is really funny, so watch! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I lovee the videos and I cannot wait to go to ur b-day party!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I'll send you a gift for your birthday.
    - epicjoy

  3. Weird. I sent a buddy request and you didn't answer. Hmph. I want to do mailtime, and to help jammers that are poor and have no rares. I never get anything rare.😐

  4. I'm defiantly gonna be at your party!!!! :)

    1. Great I will get on different parts of the day!


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