Saturday, March 11, 2017


Today is a BIG day on the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
The date is Saturday, March 11th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is a Clover Hair Pin...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 450 gems.
The New Video of the Day is "Are sharks mammals?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney's Theater.

Blu Comic Issue

The New Blu the Monkey Plushie Comic Issue has arrived...
Read the comic book by clicking the comic book cover above.

Issue #72 - "Polar Bear Plunge"
Description: After an attack at Alpha Headquaters the group is on the move where they meet another new minor alpha.

Comment Call: Did you enjoy the new issue?

Sky News

Welcome to the 950,000 Views celebration!
I can't believe that the Animal Jam Sky Blog has already reached 950,000 views. Thank you so much for reading and spreading the news. Please continue to tell your buddies about the Animal Jam Sky. We will have the biggest celebration when we hit 1 Million Views!

Now, in yesterday's post I promised surprises, and I did not disappoint:

1.) A New Page
The New Page that has been hinted at is a Party Guide...
The Party Guide is your exclusive source for party information in Jamaa.
Click the image above to go there, or go to the Party Guide icon on the right column.

2.) Surprise from Poll Results
It looks like the most votes is a Contest! A Contest will be coming soon, here is a sneak peak:
If designing a logo isn't for you, then maybe writing a slogan will be! Learn more in tomorrow's post when this contest begins!

3.) Skymail #23
The Next Skymail Video has arrived! Watch it below or see it on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog...
Sorry for the poor video recording quality and transition problems. I seemed to be having issues this time around. Thank you for all the gifts and donations! I am very grateful!

Once again, thank you so much for 950,000 views! I could never do it without you as the audience. Thanks for all the contest entries, gifts, Jam-A-grams, art, comments, and much more for making the Animal Jam Sky Blog community. I can't wait for 1 Million Views!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I'm so happy for you Scooter! You inspire me so much, you deserve this many veiws!


    1. Thanks so much, Gfox0!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. Your welcome Scooter! (Accidentally said it on a different comment 😂)

  2. CONGRATS SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited for the next contest

  3. YAY! I was right it was a party page XD! Congrats on the views! *reads the Blu issue*
    moreeeeeeeeeeeeee XD Slogan contest. uhm whats that again I forgot XD

    1. XD! A slogan contest is like for example "Once you shop, you can't stop!" It's a catchphrase for something basically

    2. Thank you, sarahkey8! Don't worry there is more Blu to come. Yes, Gfox0, is right. A slogan is like a catchphrase. For example, McDonalds is "Im Lovin It".

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Hey scoot,
    You probably can't remember me right now, since I haven't had chance to come on the computer. Just really busy lately. Anyway, been catching up with the posts. Yay...950,000 views!
    *Does happy dance*
    Gonna have a look at the party page! Looks cool and the slogan contest looks epic. Blu is a hero. It isn't a boring comic...I love it! Keep it up and remember all this fab blog stuff is just perfect. No matter what people sometimes say, Just keep on going. Your such an inspiration to me and I love all this fab work. This blog has helped me so much since I started last month and it feels like I have been playing for ages.

    Booscare5 :)

    1. I remember you, Booscare5! That is okay, and thanks for the nice comment ^-^

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)


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