Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Table with Orb

Hello everyone!
The new returning item in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is the Table with Orb
When you click it Spirit comes out, this spirit is the same thing that comes from the Spirit Armour.
This item is one of my favorite den item right now because it looks so mysterious!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item Monday....
I love the new graphics that AJHQ is making for all their Daily Explorer posts now.
Hopefully, everyone got the Rare Shark Fin yesterday while it was in stores!

On a Random Note, the little red panda guy is still climbing and falling away....
He looks kind of bored and lonely, don't you think?

Comment Call: Comment the exact location of the image above for a chance to win a prize courtesy of the Animal Jam Sky Blog!

Attention Actors:
Some dates I have been looking at for recording are April 5, 6, or 8, 2014. These dates are not official. More information to come!

Videos Tab updated.
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. The exact location for that is at Coral Cannons, at the right of the bridge right before the stairs at the end XD


  2. Coral Canyons next to the Game Sssnake and the tree. SSSsnake is member, and there is a blue sack and another one and another one above it.

    1. Nonmember, if I win trade it to me I cannot collect from jam a grams

  3. the location is the nest around the eagle shop is above the den shop in Coral Canyons XD

    im nonmemeber and im ur buddy so c when im on :D


  4. Scooter, why don't you have a legends page? All of the other blogs I know have them. You can get Jamma's story from Snoyclaw. :D


  5. Discover day- Coral canyons on the right side.
    the panda must have been really hurt from falling XD

  6. Its on Coral Canyons on the ledge next to ssssnake and the tree.

  7. Scooter, post a vid of the new adventure and yeah, do a legends page. (B
    ~Papyjam~ Nonmember.

  8. Coral Canyons, by the tree and snake, with what I think is a mouse game on the right side. I like the orb too, it's so mysterious.
    ~ dooda123 ^.^

  9. Coral Canyons, on the eastern cliff south of sky high and north of the dandelion

  10. AJ is offline :(

    And it is on Coral Canyons .3.


    1. Yeah.... It's sad. But did you notice it didn't say under maintenance it said updating. Does this mean an early update?

    2. Hopefully! They usually do a early update after a new adventure so they can add hard to it.

  11. The place is right on the edge of royal ridge shop in coral canyons it can only be reached by eagles

  12. Aj should of put the orb in the mystery emporium

  13. I can take any day as long as it's not on a Monday.

  14. coral canyons at the right of the bridge just before the stairs at the end and it can only be reached by eagles!


  15. It is the royal shop that is only for eagles in coral canyons-silyseal2

  16. Love your header!


  17. the bush in located in coral canyons around the edge by the stairs up to sssnake.-cyacheer p.s this my first time visiting your blog

  18. It is by the bush by a tree and by the stares of the ssssssssnake game and a waterfall is that makes sence. P.S mah username is paige16663. (Boring!!)

  19. Hi here for discovery day!
    The location is in coral canyons by that patch of grass under that tree with the dripping pots near that snake game! You have to go up the right hand stairs to get to the tree btw!
    Hey scooter, for non members do u send the prize or trade it?

  20. The picture was taken in Coral Canyons! Also, anyone have an extra rare shark fin? I need one so badly! -Ambert

  21. I realized Animal Jam is coming out with a bunch of items that used to be rare. I have a table with orb from the leap year's party and it was marked rare. Now all of them are coming back and it's not as special anymore.


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